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7 Methods to Get the Most out of Your Car Battery

Modern automobiles are a combination of mechanics working with electrics. Batteries are known to be the electric driving force of an automobile. Be it the features like charging your phone or smart display functioning or be it the basics like starting your car; batteries play a key role in pushing the modern automobiles.

Just like the car servicing, your car battery needs the care too. From regularly charging the battery to swapping it periodically, batteries should also be considered while servicing your vehicle. Car batteries usually are found to suffer from extreme weather conditions or an intensive push causing the battery to wear out, loose charge or sudden deaths. Thankfully, Battery replacements in the modern automobile era are simpler than the older implementations.

Average Car Battery life

There’s nothing ridiculous than being stuck in the middle of a road trip with a dead battery. One of the major limitations of modern batteries is the lack of significant indication for low battery levels. Also, there lie the possibilities of a dead battery in the middle of a long road trip. While some of us may be smart to carry a car battery replacement handy, it’s a known fact most of us don’t.

The construction of the car battery is pretty much like the batteries found in laptops, smart devices, and phones. The standard lead-acid content of these batteries is known to have a timed lifetime. Experts shell out the average lifespan of about 42 months for an average car battery. This figure roughly translates to about 2 to 5 years of lifespan. The age as discussed before also depends on several factors like extreme climates, miles covered, battery health, charge holding capacity, car heat, charge level and so on.

Here are some of the best tips and methods, recommended by the Swift Tyre experts. Swift Tyre Specialist is a renowned car battery replacement and car tyre repair company that has been offering compelling Battery solutions across Singapore.

1. Prioritize cars for long drives:

Car rides are better when you go the long distance. The same goes for the car batteries as well. Short drives often tend to limit the charge cap to the minimum possible if done frequently. Such kind of scenarios often leads to changing the car’s battery quickly rather than it would have been. One should consider keeping a portable car battery charger handy in such cases.

2. Rust control:

Battery construction comprises of chemicals and metals. While they seem good to keep the car running, they fight against each other when they face the environment. Metal corrosion is known to be one of the primary reasons for cars to undergo battery replacement service. One of the common solutions would be to scrub off the dust and moisture particles off the battery by using spray liquids, water and mix up of sodas to scrub off the dust.

3. Idle usage:

Avoid usage of appliances like AC or Radio when your car is stationary. Idle cars consume excessive battery when their engine is not running and tend to damage the battery over common scenarios like such.

4. Fastening the Battery:

A non-tightened battery can have a serious impact on its life. A loosely coupled battery often ends up damaging its internal components due to frequent vibrations. This could be a major let down if the battery dies in the middle of a road trip, just due to it being set improperly on the mounting brackets.

5. Lights off when you go:

Car Light Off
The battery takes on a toll especially when it comes to lights. Keeping the internal lights on while you leave your car for hours puts a lot of strain on the battery. Have a reminder inside your car to constantly remind yourself when you go out of the car.

This saves anyone from having to change the car battery in the long run. A smart move would be to install smart lights that turn on or off automatically when you leave your car.

6. Battery Inspection:

The inspections of the car battery you have will let you determine its life. Appliances like car battery testers easily let you determine the health of the car battery level. This lets you inspect the battery status, whether you are in for maintenance or a replacement.

7. Choose the right battery:

While battery maintenance is a whole new aspect, battery buying is one different aspect too. Trying to save a few bucks just while trying to get a battery is just not worth it. Selecting a good manufacturer’s battery ensures that you have a good powering entity that will last long. Going for cheap alternatives may even lead to degraded car performance and subpar lifespan. Some of the good battery examples include Exide, Swift Tyres, and so on.

Bonus: All-round care!

Any automobile comprises of several mechanical as well as electrical parts. Caring for one aspect of the car while neglecting the other is just not feasible. Maintaining all components of your car is a good sign for your battery lasting in the long run. One should also take note if the concerned car battery provider offers emergency roadside assistance in case of breakdowns.

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