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7 Signs Your Car Battery Needs Replacement

Like all living beings, all-electric devices have a limited lifespan. While some last long, some live out for a very short span of time. Interestingly, both can be said in the case of car batteries. A variety of factors like weather, temperature, strain and charge cycles affect the lifespan of a car battery. Car batteries have a normal lifespan of about 4 to 5 years. This number is further affected by the places and the usage the battery is put into.

A car battery serves as a lifeline to the entire car. While it has a minimal role in the motion of the car, it plays a primary role in starting the car engine. Once the key is turned, a car battery is the only component under the hood that performs heavy duties. Turning the key or pressing the button after getting into the car, triggers a consecutive chemical reaction inside the car battery. The power generated from this chemical reaction is then turned into electrical energy. This power is then utilized to start up the motor followed by cranking of the car engine.

Every car battery loses its optimal capacity which calls in for a car battery replacement once the battery runs its course of time. Taking your car in for a battery replacement service depends on how and where it is being used. It is quite confusing for a first-time car user to detect the health of an existing car battery. The visibility of the defect helps in determining the ease or difficulty faced by the user while checking the car battery. With that in mind, here are some warning signs that shall help you in changing the car battery.

Foul Smell:

This is one of the most significant signs of a bad car battery. A bad smell is often released when the gas begins to leak from the car. The gas leak is caused by an internal short circuit inside the car battery. An egg-like foul smell often signifies a short-circuited battery and should be immediately brought to the attention of a battery replacement service provider. The smell is produced by the liquid chemical fluids flowing out of a broken battery. A car battery replacement is the only viable solution to this problem.

Engine Light:

A car dashboard hosts a variety of symbols to signify the state of various components inside a car. Several indicators like engine, oil, speedometer and more help the user check several states. A turned on engine light signifies several signs. A low powered or flat battery might be one of them.

This sign doesn’t directly signify a dead car battery. There are chances that your car battery can still be saved by charging or refitting the battery. A garage inspection shall let one determine the reason for the engine light. The indicator may also be turned on by a partially discharged battery.

Damaged casing:

A battery shell is encased in hard plastic. While this kind of quality plastic is resistant to regular scuffs and Knicks, it weakens by extensive exposure to open environments. The heat of summers leads the battery covers to swell out and lead to cracking in some cases.

Car batteries have a structural design. Their function depends on the shape they hold. Anything other than a rectangular battery signals a degrading battery. Misshaped batteries cannot be fixed and need to be discarded safely.

Rusted Connections:

Battery connectors are responsible for power delivery across the car. The power generated by the chemical reactions is turned into electrical energy and passed on to the places whenever needed with the help of external battery terminals. The positive and negative connection terminals are made up of metals. They tend to get rusted when they come in contact with water and oxygen.

Side effects of such rusted connection points include power delivery and starting issues. Regular cleaning of the contact terminals is essential to avoid such kind of issues.

Old Battery:

Age is one crucial factor when one decides to go for a car battery replacement. Normally, battery cells in the cars are typically designed to last for about 3 to 5 years. Once a car battery hits the 3-year mark, it should be regularly checked. Inspections shall let one determine the state of performance after such a long run. Batteries these old face age weaknesses due to regular wear and tear from hundreds of usage cycles.

Slow start:

A car engine is kick-started by the power delivered by the car battery. The speed of the car engine start-up is determined by the health of the car battery. As the battery ages, the speed to start the engine starts reducing. Hence, this symptom is not visible easily. Such kind of reduced effectiveness comes from the normal degradation faced by the car battery.

Delay to start the engine varies by a range of seconds. Such delays over longer periods eventually lead to a dead battery. Once the delay in starting the car engine is identified, one must immediately opt for a car battery replacement service before ending up with a dead battery.

Electric disturbance:

This kind of sign is easily noticeable. Most components inside and outside operate from the electricity. The electric energy is delivered by the car battery when it’s needed by such parts. Things like displays and lights starter to flicker when they are unable to receive enough amount of power.

Furthermore, performing actions like leaving AC unattended, charging phone batteries put a strain on the car battery. One must ensure that such kind of habits are not entertained on a daily basis. Excessive strain by external additions imbalance power delivery at important locations in the car. The excessive load is also responsible for battery death in several cases.

These set of basic signs shall help you identify the signs that signify the time for a new car battery. It is better to get the battery replaced at the right time than to end up with a flat battery. These signs help in determining the state of your car battery and let you take your car for battery charging or a replacement service given the conditions.

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