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Amazing Advantages Of Car Service Plans

A car is an essential part of our life which makes our everyday routine easier, faster and more comfortable. If you want optimal performance in the long run, then your car, which allows you to travel every day, requires the highest care. And that is possible with regular car servicing. Having your car maintained and serviced is important for a variety of reasons, including vehicle safety, fuel efficiency, and overall smooth operation, as well as keeping a high resale value. A car service plan is what you need for a wonderful car servicing experience.

What is Car Service Plan?

Car service plans are optional subscriptions or contracts that cover instances where your Car requires expensive repairs that are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. In some cases, the car manufacturer or the company will also give you a service plan to maintain your car in excellent working order for a defined amount of time. These plans are normally valid for a set period like 3 to 5 years. Fluids, car components, and labour are mainly the three essential items covered by the car service plan.

What are the Benefits Of Car Service Plans?

Every high-end vehicle comes with a comprehensive maintenance package. So if you are thinking about taking a car service plan, then know these benefits also:

  1. 1. Save Bills – We frequently intend to get our car or vans serviced, but forget or put it off until we have the money to do so. Having your car serviced will help you save a lot of money as you would be covered for all the servicing requirements in the coming years. Also, regular servicing will reduce the chances of any unexpected faults in your car; thus saving you from a huge amount of cost. Financial benefits are the biggest advantage of going for a car service plan as no extra costs are included in it. Damaged parts will be replaced by the new ones as a part of your plan. You can pay the prepaid service plan charges along with the car’s monthly installments if you are financing the purchase of your new car.
  2. 2. No worries about inflation rates – The cost of car servicing increases every year according to the inflation. You will be handed a handsome amount of charge whenever you go for car service in case of any damage. But if your car is equipped with the proper service plan, you would not have to worry about inflated prices as you will pay only one time for the next 4 to 5 years with no extra cost.
  3. 3. Use of excellent Car parts – By indulging in a car service plan, you will be servicing your car with the same service provider only and as a result, they will know what works best for your car. They will use good quality spare parts and hence every part is replaced with a genuine one. These benefits are not commonly achieved when you opt for local car servicing.
  4. 4. Improved car performance – You can trust the quality of the car service because it is performed by experienced and qualified technicians. They will ensure that your car runs smoothly and safely. It will save fuel, unnecessary wear and tear, costly faults, as a result of which, your car will run smoothly.
  5. 5. Vehicle safety – When it comes to our cars, the important factor to consider is our car’s safety. By taking out a car service plan, you will get enhanced car safety. The car servicing experts can figure out any problem or issues before you by fully checking your car. It will help your car to avoid unwanted or emergency issues.
  6. 6. Increased Resale value – A car with an active car service plan is more likely to get more prices at reselling. Due to the good condition of your car, you can sell it for a greater price. A car service plan will ensure that your car lasts longer which will increase the resell value.
  7. 7. Peace of mind – Besides keeping you safe, a car service plan will also provide you peace of mind as the cost of the service will already be taken care and also there will be no hurdles in finding the car repair shop.

Finishing Up:

After reading this blog, will you still delay in picking up a car service plan? Taking up a car service plan and paying for it beforehand or in instalments is a good option because of the obvious benefits to vehicle safety, as well as the continued health and financial worth of your car. Taking a car service plan is advantageous if you want to avoid exorbitant costs and need to have your car serviced every month. You know you will receive what you have paid for and you will get it in the form of expert car maintenance service.

Swift Tyre Specialist is a professional tyre replacement and repairing company and we also provide the best car servicing in Singapore. We are a trusted name when it comes to avail car service plans according to your manufacturer’s guidelines. Make your driving smooth and get worry-free by opting for our car servicing plans at affordable rates. Contact us today.

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