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Best ways to take care of your car tyres

Cars are renowned to be the most essential inventions in the world of the automobile industry. They have been the bread and butter of the transportation industry since their inception. Their invaluable presence has allowed humanity to open doors to greater creativities and solve serious causes.

It is essential to keep a note of our car’s health regularly. One can do so by getting a car repair service regularly. Even if we do so, we often forget taking care of our car tyres. They are the ones that give a driving force to our cars. Nonetheless, of their importance, we lest bother taking care of them unless they break down. People are usually found running to the car tyre repair services only when the tyres need air fill or they burst out of age. Moreover, driving cars with damaged tyres is unsafe and illegal. In orders to avoid the mishaps, here are some guiding tips that shall help you in keeping your car tyres in good condition:

Changing the tyres:

Every car tyre has reliability and endurance. These are the main factors one should consider to determine the age of car tyres. Endurance of car tyres is determined by checking tyre tread depth during a tyre repair at a tyre shop. Reliability of car tyres depends on the materials they are built from. Good quality of rubber is crucial in determining the age of car tyres. One can take assistance at tyre shops to determine the quality of tyres for the same. One should often consider changing tyres every 7-10 years depending on their quality.

Swift tyres are built by fusion of polymeric additives with high-grade natural rubber to give robust durability. This ensures that despite of driving in rough terrains of areas like Singapore, one can be assured that the car goes to the distance without a hitch.

Rotation of tyres:

Tyres are well nurtured with care if rotated regularly. One can perform tyre rotations to maintain tyre health. Spare tyres allow you to perform tyre rotations in the form of swapping regularly. Not only it reduces the burden of wear on a tyre, but it also equally distributes the wear among a couple of tyres. An additional advantage of this action is that it allows for resetting tyre alignments and fittings. One can get done tyre rotations done when the car goes in a tyre repair shop for alignment and replacement.
Swift tyre makes use of special types of equipment during tyre rotations upon visiting an authorized dealer shop. This ensures a good tyre repair servicing takes place, eventually leading to stable drives. Experts recommend rotating the car tyres in a car tyre service every 5000 kilometers.

Balancing of tyres:

This is one of the crucial aspects when it comes to the stability of tyres. Wheel balancing offers cars to stabilize their wheel configurations with the assistance of special techniques. This ensures that wheels roll on roads lacking any kind of jitters and vibrations. Tyre shops ensure that tyre balancing offers a smooth, seamless ride without any kind of rumbling.


While this seems pretty obvious, one must select the right size of their tyres and rims according to their specific vehicle. Different terrains demand different tyre sizes. So for example, one driving in tough terrain locations like India and Singapore should opt for larger sizes.


One should keep their car tyres devoid of pollutants. This can be achieved by cleaning tyres and rims of the wheels and keeping them as dust-free as possible. Also, prevent the rim hole from lodging the pollutants. Sometimes, this is not needed to some extent as some tyres have special grids punched on them for automatic air cleaning. The same thing goes for the valve wherein one must consider that it must be locked with air-tight seals and the right amount of wheel pressure.


One performs alloying of tyres to increase their car tyre’s strength. While this is extremely beneficial, one should take care of the original tyre dimension while getting new alloy tyre. Alloy tyres are beneficial in places which have lackluster dusty, gravel-loaded roads.

Equipment care:

One must prefer using jacks while swapping car tyres. Even better, one must prefer hydraulic jacks while working with car tyres. Using it has several advantages like car safety, easy swapping, transmission management and such. Even if one does not have hydraulic jack one should utilize a generic jack for the same. It helps the tyre shops to repair or replace tyres while stabilizing the car at a certain level.


One should regularly take care of aspects like car pressure, air level, Stepney and such. Also one should take care of damages or holes when a person goes to a tyre shop for a tyre repair service. Experts recommend making use of smart tubeless tyres that offer a competitive advantage over standard tube-based tyres.

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