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Onsite Car Battery Replacement Service in Singapore

More often than not, your car breaks down due to a weak or dead battery, leaving you with the need to change it or require a car battery replacement. Luckily for you, wherever you are in Singapore, we can always come to your rescue. Whether its day or night, come rain or shine, we are at your beck and call.

Once you call us, we reach your location as fast as possible, and diagnose the problem with your battery in no time. If your battery is dead and needs car battery replacement service, we even offer you a new battery in place of your old one.

We offer exceptional car battery replacement services and diagnosis. We do not just advise you to change your car battery, unless it wears out beyond repair. Until we are certain that your battery will no longer function properly, we do not suggest changing car battery.

Singapore Islandwide Roadside Assistance

If your car battery breaks down or causes you any trouble during your journey, you do not need to worry. We understand that your car won’t start, which is why you will need onsite car battery replacement services. We are well equipped to deal with your car problems, and are ready to take your call.

When you call us, we note down your location and send our best men, who check the battery and the wiring to diagnose the problem. If there is need of changing car battery or car battery replacement, our team replaces it with a brand-new one, which you get at the best price.

Whenever you have any battery trouble with your car, you can trust us to be there within no time and solve your problems, so you don’t have to bring the car to us.

Our Procedure for Car Battery Replacement

Your car battery needs thorough testing before we can be sure there is an irreparable issue. Often, car owners want to invest in a new battery, simply to improve performance. Yet, even minor issues can lead to you considering the option of car battery replacement. We will test your battery, diagnose the cause of the issues you are facing, and determine whether or not we can bring it up to speed. If not, we will advise you changing car battery.

  • Engaged Us

    All you need to do is give us a call and book our car battery replacement services, and let us take care of the rest.

  • Issue Verification

    Once you bring your car, we run diagnostics and try to weed out the underlying issue.

  • Analysis

    Once the issue is diagnosed, we got to work on analyzing it and devising various solutions.

  • Quotation

    We bring you a list of the possible solutions, along with a quotation for the cost of each solution.

  • Onsite Service

    Cannot bring your car to us? Worry not, because we will come to your car.

  • Advisory

    We also provide advisory services, even if you do not get the work done from us.

  • Completion

    We complete the task in the given timeframe, and let you check it properly.

  • Payment

    You only pay us when you are completely satisfied with our work.

Are you still facing issue after service? No issue all our products are come with 1 year no question asked warranty. Call us and we will be happy to assist you. Make a note that different make and models require different type of battery, so car battery price may vary accordingly.
We offer a one-year warranty for all our products and services. The price of the battery can vary based on the make and model of your car. Also, we back the quality of our services. If you face any issues, you can get in touch right away.

Car Battery

Know When to Replace Car Battery

The battery of your car is its most crucial component. It functions like your heart, pumping voltage to the other components and devices through the wires, giving them a jolt to start every time you turn the key in the ignition. Therefore, it is very important that you keep monitoring the health of your car battery, like you do with the other parts of the car. And keep changing car battery as per the requirement.

Almost half of the calls that we receive for roadside assistance have car battery failure as the main reason for the car to break down. The average lifespan of a car battery is 3-5 years, which means that it can break down as early as 1-2 years, and last as long as 5 years. If your car battery has outlived more than 5 years, you do need car battery replacement before it causes you to get stranded and call for help.

It is easy to identify if your car battery is acting up and needs to be replaced. All you need to do is notice the response of your car when you turn the key in the ignition. A battery that is working fine should be able to start the car within one second, but if it taking longer, putting load on the ignition, this indicating a need of car battery replacement so, you need to get your battery checked immediately.

You can also check the battery by starting your car and turning on the headlights. Once the headlights are on, push the accelerator, and notice if the lights get brighter as you push down on the accelerator. If this is the case, it is time to swap the battery for a new one.

If your battery fails and you are stuck on the roadside, we will come with a spare battery and plug it in to start your car. If the car fails to start yet, you will require a towing service or car battery replacement service.

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