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Car Battery Tips for Every Car Owner

As the powerhouse of the car, the battery plays a vital role in the smooth running of the car. Major car components, like the engine, headlights, wipers, stereo, and AC, get their electrical source from the battery. Hence, managing battery health for its durability and extended lifespan depends on some critical factors. Even at present, the majority of cars are running on lead-acid batteries. So, some tips are provided here to ensure the longevity of battery life.

Tips for managing and ensuring a longer lifespan of car battery

Despite the high quality, premature battery failure may happen due to improper care, corrosion, and several other factors. So, to avoid a sudden malfunction that will leave you stranded on the roadside, some tips need to be followed by a car owner-

  • Avoid quick/short rides
  • Recharge the car battery as often as possible
  • Monitor the water level of the battery regularly
  • Take steps to control corrosion
  • Minimize the power usage
  • Climatic impact
  • Fasten your car battery tightly
  • Always turn off the light when you are leaving the car
  • Ensure good maintenance of the whole car

Avoid quick/short rides.

In this case, the battery of your car can’t get the scope to be fully charged. So, to maintain battery health, it is better to drive long distances and more often. If you can’t be able to do so, then use a portable car battery charger. It is the most sensible option to jump-start your car if it gets stranded on the road. Without taking the help of another vehicle, you can start your car.

Recharge the car battery as often as possible

The battery of your car can still drain despite remaining idle for a long time. Also known as a parasitic draw, the battery powers the clock, radio, and alarm system even after the engine is shut off. So, eventually, the battery will go flat as it loses charge over time. In order to avoid this kind of situation, run your car, regardless of the model, as often as possible.

Monitor the water level of the battery regularly.

The cells of lead-acid batteries contain distilled water. As such, regular monitoring is necessary to maintain the appropriate level. Otherwise, over time evaporating of water results in the concentration of acid. It will lead to corrosion and reduced life of the battery. So, it is always better to maintain the water level. If it falls below the level, then fill it up immediately.

Take steps to control corrosion.

Corrosion is a great danger to the extended lifespan of the battery. Over time battery terminals and connectors corrode due to exposure to dirt and humidity. These generally lead to discharge and short circuits of the battery. As it negatively impacts the longevity of the battery, therefore keeping the battery regularly clean is highly recommended to manage a steady battery power for a long time.

Minimize the power usage

When your car engine is not running, then also turn off the electronic systems like the radio, air conditioner, music system, interior lights, and headlights. Otherwise, these power-consuming features can lead to significant wear and tear on the car battery. Hence, during the extended period of idling, take measures to avoid power usage from running these accessories.

Climatic impact

The hot and humid weather can reduce the battery life. While excessive heat can drain the car battery, moisture in the humid air condition can result in short circuits. Due to the accumulation of dirt and grime on the car battery terminals, the acid and copper-sulfate reaction may overheat and damage the terminals. So, the best way to enhance battery life is to park your car in a shaded or covered parking area. It will not only help to avoid heat exposure but protect from rain also.

Fasten your car battery tightly.

If your car battery is not tightly fastened, then it could vibrate. As a result, it will lead to internal damage and short circuits. So, regular inspection of the terminals of your car battery helps to maintain them tightly fastened to the mounting bracket. It is especially helpful for your car battery if you frequently travel on long and bumpy roads.

Always turn off the light when you are leaving the car

If you step out of your car and accidentally keep the headlights and car door lights on, then it will significantly reduce the battery life. So, make it a habit to check the car’s lights every time you are exiting. In this way, unnecessary wastage of battery will be checked, and at the same time, ensure the extended lifespan of the battery.

Ensure good maintenance of the whole car

A car is comprised of many parts, and its proper functioning depends on regular maintenance. So, make sure your vehicle gets routine tune-ups. It will not only manage a well-running car but, at the same, the extended lifespan of the battery.

Wrapping Up

Obviously, it can be stated that the extended lifespan of a battery depends on regular maintenance. If you follow the above tips, then you can easily avoid the risk of a prematurely flat battery. Swift Tyre Specialist is always dedicated to customer service and, as such, is recognized as a leading car service in Singapore. By providing professional advice and the highest standard of service, our experts are ready to provide roadside assistance all over the country.

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