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Car Noises That Should Not Be Ignored For a Longer Time

We all love driving cars. Isn’t it? And modern engineering has made driving a car easier but the real trouble begins when a car starts making noises which leave us clueless and some specific car noises that no car owner wants to hear because they typically indicate there is a problem with your vehicle and can be costly if you take your vehicle to the car repair workshop for servicing.

Here we will discuss some common car noises that clearly indicate you need an immediate best car repair service before it becomes a problem over time.

1. Car noise like a coin in a clothes dryer:

In case you hear something shaking around inside a wheel at low speed and afterwards stops as you drive faster, it might because your car wheel wasn’t tightened properly the last time it was removed or replaced. Also, it could be a loose lug nut inside a hub cap, in this case, take your car to the car repair workshop ASAP.

2. Chirping Engine:

The chirping sound of your car engine is almost like there’s a bird trapped under your hood. This chirping or squeaking sound is annoying but this is usually not serious. The chirping noise when accelerating indicates a loose or slipped belt. When you accelerating the vehicle you can usually hear this sound, some other causes of this noise coming out are improper fuel octane, improper ignition timing, engine overheating or the EGR valve not functioning properly, this also includes the low level of steering fluid, a leak in the pump, wheel bearing and more.

3. Grinding or Squealing Brakes:

The most common noise comes from any vehicle is the noise of brake. The annoying sound coming from the brakes can indicate us of an upcoming danger. In case you are hearing a squealing noise, it means your brake pads or shoes might be near to the end of their service life or you’ve got cheap brake pads.

The poor quality of brakes cause squealing noise and it also has a metal wear indicator that drags on the rotors when the pads are worn out and it makes grinding noises. If the moisture remains on the rotor after the car sitting overnight and the small pebbles get caught between the rotor and rotor backing plate this could also be the reason for grinding in a brake system.

4. Clunking Hood:

If you are hearing a clunking sound while you are driving your vehicle than it indicates something is wrong with your car. Clunking noises happens when you drive your car over bumps or potholes. This clunking noise sounds like someone keeping time by tapping on your hood.

It is important to bring your vehicle to the car repair workshop ASAP to avoid costly repairs of damage to the engine which is caused by affected pistons. The clunking sound seems to be attributed to older vehicles because several parts tend to be sagging and loose such as exhausted pipe, shock absorber or suspension.

5. Clacking Steering Wheel:

Any sound such as clicking, grinding or rumbling sound when you turning the steering wheel is often caused by failing constant velocity. The clacking noise may indicate low power steering fluid or the damage to the component in the steering column. If you will not pay attention to these kinds of noise ASAP it will eventually progress over time and make the vehicle harder to manoeuvre as the problem develops.

When your vehicle is having loose components and low level of oil you may hear ticking, clicking or tapping noise and one of the most noticeable and common symptoms of a bad ball joint is a clunking noise when the suspension moves up and down. As the steering rack wears out component starts to get loose, this will lead to making you hear clunking noise of the steering wheel.

6. Snapping, Popping Sound Comes from Vehicle:

It is very disconcerting hearing strange noises from your wheels, several different problems that can cause clicking or popping sound. Some of these are as follows.

  • Damaged CV Joint: Having a broken CV joint is the most common cause of popping sound, constant velocity is essential for your vehicle’s steering system. The joints lay at the end of the front axle and allow the flexibility it needs as the CV joint gets damaged the axle loses its flexibility and start making a constant clicking noise.
  • Loose Hubcaps: When the hubcaps get loose due to lose lug nuts so it will shake when you drive your car at high speed or you make any turn. And this will create rattling noise.
  • Inflated tyres: If all the four tyres of your vehicle are not aligned properly and are not very similar in size, shape and inflation so this will make your vehicle make bizarre noise while you’re driving. So always make sure that your car tyres are always in the correct specs and inflated to the right pressure.

7. Hissing Noise:

The hissing sound that comes from under the hood is generally the sign of a fluid leak. As you turn off your car and get to hear hissing sound right after that then it is a sign that oil or coolant is leaking onto the exhaust manifold.

As you accelerate and the hissing happens then it could be a vacuum leak from one of the small hoses around the car engine’s air intake. If you come across such noises take your car to the car workshop so that professional could check and fully diagnose the problem and repair.

Final Words:

Above are some of the car noises which you might have come across. In case you are unsure about the noises which you get to hear often coming out of your vehicle then here you can learn about them. If you are frequently hearing such noises whenever you drive then it is advisable to go to the best car service provider and get your vehicle checked ASAP because even a minor problem to your vehicle can cause major damage if it left unchecked.

In case you live in Singapore contact the best car servicing in Singapore so that the professional will diagnose the issue and get them to fix. Ignoring strange noises that would come from your car won’t make it go way and adds additional expenses to car repair. So, don’t put off getting your car checked out.

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