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Car Noises you should be aware of

The automobile industry has come a long way. From starting to figure out the application of wheels, to pushing engines in 100s of horsepower to making nature-friendly vehicles, the industry surely has matured in recent decades. The modern vehicles are now more reliable than ever. Yet, they all need regular maintenance.

Being a car owner, it’s easy to recognize when your car sounds right and when it does not. people often know of the sound of the car they have when they buy it and suddenly recognize that something is wrong by identifying sounds. This is why cars often need a timely car servicing at a recognized car workshop. Weird sounds are perhaps one of the most identifiable issues that leads you to take your car to a repair workshop.

Noises are a part of any automobile. Be it the humming tread of the tire, whistling of the winds across the mirrors, upholstery seats squeak when you rub them hard and so on. These are the kind of noises that we usually ignore when we face in our daily lives when we drive a car and can be harmlessly ignored. However, some specific sounds should not be ignored at all. Banging, clicking, squealing, thumping and thrashing are some of the common examples. They represent that your vehicle is in for a pending car service. Such kind of noises are usually heard when the car operator performs several kinds of actions like pressing the pedals, taking acute turns and increasing the speed.

Places like Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand have a different variety of terrain roads and face extreme weather conditions as well. This is one of the reasons why a periodic visit to the car repair shop is a must. If you happen to live in Singapore, Swift tyre specialist offer a variety of car servicing and car repairing servicing in their car workshop round the year.

Here is a brief of the types of noises that come from your car engine and what kind of symptoms and effects they have:

1. Squealing:

This a combined breakdown. In this case, both brake pads and the car engine are the affected ones. Squealing is one of the most easily detectable sounds that you often hear when you try to slow down your car. This is a clear sign of worn-out engine controllers and connections. It may even possible that it wears down the brake pads down the road if overlooked. It is severely hazardous to drive such a car as the worn-out pads and connections can also lead to a serious brake failure, eventually leading to an accident.

Recalibrating your car engine regularly can help to fix this issue. Changing the rotors during brake inspection greatly helps in eliminating the noise.

2. Grinding:

It is regarded to be one of the most serious car noises. Cars usually make this kind of noise when there happens a significant amount of friction among the engine and control components. This kind of friction usually happens between brake calipers and engine pistons or due to imbalanced contact of the rotors. Ignoring this noise can be fatal to the integrity of the car. It tends to wear out the engine completely by damaging the components when they are rubbed against each other. Ignorance of this issue over long periods leads to tragic issues like a complete breakdown of the braking mechanics, caliper damage and others.

Oiling and recalibration of the car engine are one of the most feasible solutions to this issue. Such kinds of issues are taken care of when you take your car in for servicing at Swift Tyre Specialists in Singapore.

3. Rumbling or Rattling:

There are times when your car will sound excessively more from the bottom. This may be due to the fact that your car is producing excessive smoke. Production of excessive or any other kind of smoke in modern vehicles is more likely due to the collection of dust in and around the car’s engine. Other likely reasons include a loose exhaust pipe as well.

This gets worse at times. An extreme situation comes into play whenever the smoke emission emitter fails. The smoke emission emitter, also known as the catalytic converter is an essential component that keeps your vehicle from releasing any form of visible smoke. Rattling sounds coming from the bottom of a car are likely more prevalent whenever the converter’s connections are extremely loose or the engine is unable to combust the fuel properly. This is one of the primary reasons why one should consider visiting a car service workshop regularly.

4. Screeching:

This is very common engine noise. This usually comes when a misaligned engine collides with adjacent components inside a car. It may also happen when an engine’s components are often loose. This type of noise too can damage the engine by extreme friction. An urgent car service is often a must in this case.

5. Squealing or chirping:

The serpentine belt, also known as the drive belt is an important component inside a car. This component is responsible for driving the power made by the engine to several accessorial elements like AC, alternator and more. Sometimes, oil leaks inside the car can cause the engine belt to slip out. This is the reason why chirping or squealing sounds occur inside a car.

This kind of noise is partial at times. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. it usually happens when a person happens to start up the engine of the car. An old belt makes too much noise and is a sign of an immediate need for a car service. Also, changing this belt is inexpensive. Ignoring to change the car belt can cause serious complications. A broken belt in the middle of the drive can lead to effects like loss of engine cooling and power steering. Trying to drive a car with a broken belt can lead it to overheat often and lead to extensive internal damage.
While such kind of noises are often ignored by car drivers, they can be fatal in the long run. Such kind of noises are easily fixable with regular visits to a car repair workshop. If you happen to have a car that has been making such kind of bad noises, reach out to Swift Tyre Specialists today.

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