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Car service and maintenance basics

We maintain what we love. However, it is not an easy task. This is true, especially when it comes to cars. Most residents across the cities of places like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and other such metropolitan cities barely take their cars for servicing just once in a year. That’s serious, considering the average miles drive a car is usually driven within a year.

An irregular car servicing especially when you drive your favorite car too much can be dangerous for your car’s health. People these days concentrate too much on getting a perfect vehicle yet no such kind of perfection is kept when it comes to car maintenance.

Several reasons like laziness, lesser drive, bad previous servicing experiences, and others contribute to the cause. Car owners often go for car washes unless they are automobile experts or driving enthusiasts. Ignorance of car servicing over longer periods of damage can lead to serious maintenance costs.

Sometimes people are unwilling to get their car serviced as of any potential damage it may get due to careless servicing. However, modern car servicing shops are a good solution to all such kinds of worries. The professionals at such places are highly trained to get your car serviced the right way.

Here are some essential car service tips by swift tyre specialists, a leading tyre replacement service provider in Singapore. These are the tips that should assist you in keeping your beloved car in great condition, even in the long run:

1. Oil:

Oil is probably the next best bet of lubricant that you add to your car after adding fuel. It is often renowned as the “lifeblood” of cars. Just like we take care of the fuel levels regularly, the same thing should be done for the oils. The consequences of not replacing oil in your car are severe and can end you up with more car service cost than expected. Ensure that you replace the oil every 3 months or 5000 kilometers. While the standards are usually than the ones specified here, it is recommended to perform the replacement as soon as possible for consistent performance and reliability.

2. Other fluids:

While oil is an essential component in the car, there are a variety of other fluids too in a car that need to be taken care of. They are essential to keeping your car operational. Some popular examples of such fluids include brake fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, and other similar part respective fluids. They need to be checked periodically. Weekly checks are often preferred for such fluids.

3. Lights:

While they may seem to be the most basic thing in a car, they have a huge impact. Apart from lighting your car interiors, they also help in keeping a car safe. Several types of lights like headlights, parking lights, tail lights greatly assist a person on the road by offering a simple way to show signals.

One can keep a track of their status by their regular functional check-up that goes along with the alignment inspection. It should be ensured that the lights are aligned well in a way such that it points in the line of road to pave the path for you and not in a way that it distracts other vehicles on the road.

4. Windshield wipers and glasses:

Windshield Wipers
While they are purely aesthetic, windows have come to be known due to their unique applications. They are vital for anyone opting for better car safety. Be it the side windows or the view glass, one must always ensure that the glass is not broken or cracked for optimal safety measures. broken view mirrors are extremely dangerous as they block your back view while parking or driving your car.

On the other hand, though they may be stationary, they have immense importance when it comes to the cleanliness of front view glass pane. Windshields are widely used in snow and rainy climates to keep the windows clean from the weather effects. The rubber on the windshields runs out rapidly. Hence one should ensure their replacement once in a year.

5. Tyres:

They are known to be the driving force of a car. Their inspection is a little bit complicated yet doable. If a person is not able to inspect the tyres properly, he can reach out to the Swift Tyre Specialist. they are known to offer tyre replacement services across Singapore.

When it comes to tyres, their inspections can be performed by checking several things. One of the ways is to inflate the tyres up to a specified level by the assistance of a regular tyre gauge. They should be regularly checked for wear and tear by looking at the tread level. Tyres having excessive tread wear can be susceptible to breaking.

Checking all the mentioned points periodically will do better justice to the car’s health. Such kind of damage usually comes to any car over a certain period of time. While these steps are essential for keeping your car intact, one must always ensure visiting a recognized car mechanic at regular intervals. A detailed inspection done by the mechanics ensures that each and every car component is working as it should. If your car is not running as it should contact swift tyre specialist today. They are known to offer one of the best car servicing services across Singapore.

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