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Does the brand of car engine oil matters?

The engine is the heart of any vehicle and engine oil is the blood. For the smooth running of your vehicle engine oils are crucial, it reduces fuel emission and improves the engine’s performance.

There are innumerable roles played by engine oils for your engine. When you bring your car to the car repair workshop, you could charge with costly repairs if your car engine found damaged. Engine oil will help to reduce costly car service, it cleans, cools and prevent the engine from corrosion and save the engine from being clogged and damaged.

When it comes using the type of motor oil in your vehicle, you can find plenty of choices. No doubt, some of the engine oils considerably expensive than others which makes you wonder “Does engine oil brand matter?”

Here we discuss some of the top-quality engine oils brands that make sure the engine block is clean and free from residue and help you get the best performance from your motor.

Mobil 1:

This is an advanced full synthetic engine oil design in such a way that provides exceptional wear protection, helps prevent deposits and sludge build-up that enable long engine life.

It also provides excellent lubrication and wears protection performance for many driving styles. Mobil 1 5W-30 delivers superb anti-wear performance in high temperatures, maintains long-term engine health and offers outstanding performance during maximum oil change interval.

Mobil 1 engine oil enhanced frictional properties, aids fuel economy, offer ultra-fast protection and quick start in cold weather condition.

This engine oil is recommended for all types of vehicles including high-performance turbo-charged, SUVs, light vans, multi-valve fuel injected engines that are found in passenger cars, supercharged gasoline and light trucks. It’s a general-purpose engine oil for many cars and is not recommended for 2-Cycle or aviation engines.

Mobil Super:

The Mobil Super is a premium conventional engine oil provide powerful wear and sludge protection which lead to extend the engine life. This is high-quality full synthetic motor oil offers outstanding engine protection in extreme temperatures and driving conditions.

Mobile Super engine oil is meticulously engineered for today’s tougher engine specifications. This oil enhanced high-temperature protection, enhanced cold start-up performance, engine cleanliness and sludge prevention and helps in achieving fuel economy.

This oil helps to combat the damage caused by frequent high engine stress, it can be used in a variety of gasoline and diesel automobiles and light trucks.

Mobil Super engine oil also suitable for use in other vehicles where viscosity and quality claims are appropriate and can be used in all engines requiring WSS-M2C913-D and WSS-M2C913-C is recommended.


High-quality engine oil like Castrol oil tends to deliver its key benefits and keep your vehicle’s engine run smoothly. Castrol oil contains high-quality additives and viscosity that is required by the engine, it lubricates the metal parts, provides cooling to the engine and prevent it from being corroded.

Castrol engine oil has a sophisticated blend of additives such as anti-wear additives, antioxidants and dispersants that ensure the oil maintains proper viscosity regardless of engine temperature.

Castrol engine oil comes in three forms:

  • Synthetic

  • Synthetic Castrol oil works well under high-pressure, to protect your warranty and enable your engine to perform at its best the full synthetic Castrol oil can be used.

    Castrol synthetic oil also meets the specifications required by Mercedes Benz and BMW. One of the reasons behind this is the Castrol engineers work closely with automakers to create the strongest possible motor oils.

    Full synthetic Castrol engine oil has a lot to offer like it extended the drain intervals, deliver better performance in high operating temperatures.

  • Semi-Synthetic

  • This oil is a blend of mineral oil and synthetic oil, it optimizes friction in the clutch and reduces internal engine losses due to friction. Semi-synthetic Castrol engine oil delivers higher-level of performance at a lower cost as compared to fully synthetic oil.

    However, semi-synthetic oil will not offer the same level of protection to your vehicle’s engine as the fully synthetic oil offers so, if fully-synthetic oil is recommended then its best to go for it. No, doubt semi-synthetic Castrol oil is wallet-friendly and give you some amount of benefits of fully synthetic oil.

  • Mineral

  • The most budget-conscious option available in terms of engine oils is the mineral oil. It is ideal for older engines as it provides greater cooling, it is made from naturally occurring crude oil that is refined and processed to remove waxes and other impurities.

    Castrol mineral engine oil featured advanced liquid engineering and deposit control formula that protects against the build-up of carbon deposit on the piston and spark plug and ensure fast starting.

Mobil Delvac:

Mobil Delvac is a synthetic blend diesel engine oil, it is fully backward compatible which delivers high-performance in both newer and older heavy-duty engines. This oil provides up to 50 percent more wear protection than required in API engine tests, has outstanding oxidation stability and amazing soot and viscosity control.

This heavy-duty diesel engine oil is highly durable, provides emission system protection and has extended drain capability.

Motul H-Tech Prime 5W40:

Motul H-Tech Prime 5W40 synthetic engine oil designed for new generation engines recommended for cars requiring VW 505 00, 502 00 or MB approval 229.5 oils. This oil has outstanding detergent and dispersant properties that meet the stringent ACEA B4 requirements.

It has advanced additive chemistry to provide excellent fuel economy and anti-corrosion and anti-foam properties.

Final Thought:

We get to know the purpose of engine oil, it keeps the internal parts of your car engine lubricated and cool. Also, it is important to take your vehicle to the car repair shop for an oil change because dirt and sludge can build up in the engine over the time and dirty oil won’t lubricate the moving parts as the new or fresh oil will.

Depending on what kind of vehicle you are using, it is important to choose the right engine oil brand as well. In this article, we discussed the importance of using branded engine oil and how the brand of oils matters when it comes to the safety of your vehicle.

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