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Eight Tasks You Should Leave To a Professional in Car Workshop

A car is a complex mechanical device. Every part of a system must work in perfect harmony for the system to function safely and reliably. No wonder you might be a bit reluctant to make repairs. Practically, any car owner can perform simple auto repairs in their garage with the correct tools and basic mechanical knowledge. However, it is best to leave the maintenance to trained and experienced car technicians.

In this blog, we have curated a list of major repairs and maintenance jobs that should be handled by professionals.

Auto Repairs Tasks that you should leave to Car Repair Workshop

1. Brakes Replacement:

Fair enough, you can change your brakes. It is hardly the most challenging auto repair on this list. In the end, if you decide to change your car’s brakes, you had better do it correctly. Moreover, take in mind that a brake job involves more than entirely brake pads. Broken brakes are one of the most serious safety issues that can arise in the car.

Additionally, it incorporates braking fluid, wheel bearings, callipers, and rotors. If you make a mistake with even one of these, you run the risk of endangering both yourself and the other passengers in your automobile. It is okay if you feel competent enough to handle this task on your own. On the other hand, it might be wise to have your brakes changed by a professional for your peace of mind.

2. Windshield Replacement:

The most frequent justification for replacing the windshield is having a crack in it. The only option when a rock chip becomes a full-blown crack is to replace the entire windshield. The repair of small rock chips is possible.

It requires special training to handle large pieces of glass and windshield glue. You will take a huge risk of damaging your car if you try to do the task yourself because of defrosters and other windshield equipment.

3. Wheel Alignment:

Accurate alignment promotes more uniform tyre wear and aids in straight-ahead driving. You might require a wheel alignment if you ever feel the car dragging to one side or the steering wheel beginning to rattle. It is better to take your vehicle to a qualified specialist for this task because it requires specialised equipment.

4. Oil Change:

To keep your engine in the greatest condition possible, you should change the oil in your car around every 5,000 kilometres. Basically, over time, dirt and particles accumulate in car oil, reducing the oil’s ability to lubricate your engine effectively. This is one of the basic repairs in car, still it is recommended to let professionals perform it.

5. Car bodywork:

After a collision or hailstorm, fixing your car takes expertise and sheet metal repair training. Typically, the work is physically taxing, demanding, and unforgiving of slight errors. We advise taking your car to an auto body shop for satisfying results.

6. Clutch Replacement:

A part that manages slippage between a rotating engine and a non-rotating transmission is the clutch. Similar to brake pads, the friction material on the clutch degrades over time and needs to be replaced. A stretched or broken clutch cable, air in the hydraulic line, a misaligned linkage, or mismatched clutch parts are examples of further typical issues.

Although changing a clutch is not a laborious or sensitive procedure, it may involve removing the engine from the vehicle. It is advisable to leave this auto repair to the experts if you do not have access to a car jack and engine jack.

7. Fixes Airbags:

It is risky for do-it-yourselves to work on this crucial component of your car’s collision protection system for two reasons. First, the airbags rely on explosive charges to inflate quickly and effectively during an accident. Playing around with them carelessly could be harmful. Second, if the repair is not done correctly, the airbags may not deploy during an accident, leaving you and your passengers more susceptible to severe injury.

Take your vehicle to a reliable repair if your airbag light illuminates. A professional may solve the issue safely and without injuring anyone if they have the proper diagnostic equipment, education, and experience.

8. Repairing AC:

Working on a car air conditioning system still requires handling sensitive parts and a lot of tubing, some of which are hidden in the dashboard or linked to the computer system. Handling Freon is no longer an issue. You might need to understand thermodynamics if you insist on fixing your AC yourself.

You may get your car’s AC needs taken care of by a car maintenance business, saving you time and effort.


Sure there are a few repairs you would like to do in a garage, but one wrong move can affect your car’s performance and efficiency. Therefore, take your vehicle to a car workshop who have years of experience in the automobile industry. Swift Tyre Specialist is the best car servicing in Singapore that offers an extensive range of our car services to enhance your car’s lifespan. Contact us now.

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