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Essential car services you should not ignore

Buying a car and roaming it around is easy but maintaining the car is difficult as it requires regular upkeep. Even if we make an effort to follow the maintenance schedule suggested by the manufacturer, we often skip over some essential car services.

When it comes to car servicing, people mainly consider it about oil changing or tyre rotating. While it is true that these are significant maintenance chores, there are actually a lot of other things you ought to be monitoring. Certain car parts do not need a lot of care regularly, but you should not ignore them entirely.

Which car parts or car services you should not ignore?

You can maintain your car in a wonderful condition for a long time and preserve it so that it continues to run flawlessly for years to come by following these basic but often neglected car maintenance tips:

1. Power steering:

By offering more steering control, power steering makes our driving safer. And the purpose of the power steering fluid is to keep the power steering pump lubricated and cool. The fluid that powers your power steering system can eventually become clogged with debris over time, leading to corrosion and issues with your steering pump.

But when it needs to be changed, it is often neglected. Power steering fluid can oxidize and break down over time, thus it is best to replace it at frequent intervals. Furthermore, regular cleaning of the system and the addition of a power steering fluid additive will both aid in maintaining the functionality of your system.

2. Wheel alignment:

Non-aligned wheels in the car are risky and they can cause a great price to the car owner. The longevity of your tyres and suspension parts are both impacted by the alignment of your wheels, as well as it also affects the car handling. Several things, such as potholes and component wear, can cause the wheels to fall out of alignment.

You should get your wheel aligned at least once a year and should go for wheel alignment again if you unintentionally hit a large pothole or significant bump with too much force. This will guarantee a safer ride and prolong tyre life.

3. Brake fluid:

We all know how important brakes are in our car system; without them, we would not be able to stop the car whenever we need to. However, as time passes, the braking fluid that powers your brakes will become saturated with water from condensation, making them less effective. If the brake fluid is not changed, moisture can gather within and reduce the boiling point. As a result, when you press the brake pedal, this may make the brakes seem spongy.

To check your braking fluid, just use a standard dip-strip. If the fluid seems like an old, dingy dark brown colour, it has to be flushed and replaced with fresh fluid. Your brake fluid should be changed every time you go for your brake servicing.

4. Coolant:

A problem with the cooling system can account for up to 40% of engine failure. The cooling system is full of corrosion, electrolysis, and deteriorating coolant, which can result in shattered components, damaged engine blocks, and overheated engines. A failed engine and other expensive mechanical issues, like overheating, might result from neglecting to maintain your cooling system.

Your system’s pH level is kept stable by the new coolant, which stops the old coolant from corroding the metal in your radiator, hoses, and other components. The recommended interval between coolant changes is specified in your car’s owner manual. Although, every winter, you can check the antifreeze level in your coolant, and every two years, you can clean the system with new fluid.

Some extra car servicing tips:

  • Replace your cabin filters
  • Replace your spark plugs
  • Replace the timing belt
  • Clean your battery terminals
  • Clean the fuel injectors
  • Clean the headlights or go for replacement if needed
  • Change the axle gear lubricant
  • Change the transmission fluid
  • Check your cabin air condition system and change cabin air filters
  • Check and replace Your PCV Valve & Crankcase Filter
  • Check the differential system
  • Check the motor mount once a year
  • Cover your car’s side mirrors
  • Consider fuel system cleaning
  • Car battery replacement every 3-4 years

End note:

We have seen in this blog that various car servicing parts require our attention. Regular oil changes are easy to remember, but it is also easy to overlook other necessary maintenance procedures for your car’s performance and durability. But remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Ignoring the recommended car maintenance can ultimately fail and will cost you more time and money than is necessary.

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