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5 Reasons That Independent Car Repair Shop Is Better Than Dealership

Every vehicle needs service and maintenance, to keep components up-to-date for good performance. Deciding which car repair shop to choose between the dealer and independent repair shop is quite confusing. Before you decide which one is better you need to understand how each works: – Dealership car workshops have specialization in repairing and maintaining your car brand and independent car repair shop are smaller garages where customers meet directly with the mechanic who is working on the car.

Well, both are good options for you, but if you are confused then I would suggest going for an Independent car repair shop as it gives the best price and customer satisfaction than a dealer shop. These types of car repair shops do not specialize in one particular car brand like dealership car workshop instead they work on different brands of cars. So without any further ado, here are the pros of an independent car repair workshop:-

1. Cheaper services

Independent car repair workshop mechanics are as skilful as trained technicians of dealership car repair shops. Usually, independent car workshop mechanics are staffed by dealerships. The independent car repair shop fixes all kinds of car brands but still, it costs lower than dealership car repair.

They can offer you substantial savings on the costly parts of the car, they take you thought into your consideration to get original parts from the dealer or use the reused parts. The dealer car repair shop have a large number of high-end facilities, staff numbers and hidden fees which makes their cost higher, which is the main reason why people do not prefer them.

2. Local and trustworthy

Independent repair shop comes with reviews, recommendations and ratings that help to differentiate it from the bigger companies.

Independent car repair shop gives personalized service and customer satisfaction in comparison to the dealer repair shop. When it comes to personalized services, it is easier to build a personal relationship with independent repair shops as you can speak directly with the mechanic. It assures you that the job of car servicing has been done properly.

Dealer car repair shop does give a professional and proficient work but it gives zero customer satisfaction and on-time repair services.

3. Meet the mechanic

Independent mechanics are not limited to specific car brands, they have specialization in a variety of car brands and even honour third-parties warranties. In an independent car repair shop, you can not only meet but talk to the mechanic of the car repair shop.

The same mechanic can even do your car services on different occasions and even know you and your car on a personal level. They will remember all the changes that they did in the past. That’s why it is advantageous to create a relationship with a mechanic on a personal level.

On the other hand, in the dealer shop, you can see different vehicles every week so they won’t be able to remember your car servicing only if you did something different such as unique paint etc.

4. You can learn about your car

One thing about an independent car repair shop is that you can learn a lot about your car. With an independent mechanic, you can get the breakdown of all the problems which are affecting your car performance. Independent car repair workshop is always there to guide you through the entire replacement process whether it is for clutch repairs, brake services, battery replacement and many more, they will show you live repairing or inspecting your car and address the problems.

You can learn about the analysis and even do some DIY solutions. For example, if your mechanic notices that you need to replace brake pads then you can buy the correct ones and learn them from YouTube and save your money.

As for the dealer car repair services, your car disappears for hours and is returned to you after it is washed and vacuumed due to that you won’t be able to see what sort of repairing they have done.

5. Friendly staff

Dealer repair stores are busier, less personal and likely to give less attention to you. Choosing an independent car repair shop can give your personalized services, they tend to be bespoke and friendly than the dealer car repair shop. The personal touch to your automobile is one of the attractive features of the independent car repair services as you will be having a direct conversation with the mechanic.


The debate of choosing a dealer or independent car repair shop seems like a never-ending discussion. Independent car workshop is smaller than the dealer workshop, but it gives better services.

According to the recent study, independent car repair shop ranks higher in Customer satisfaction, Price, Quality, Courteousness and On-time repair. Supporting a local and independent car repair shop helps to generate or uphold jobs and encourage entrepreneurs. So in the end, price is important but so is the rapport between the mechanics to get reliable services for your car.

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