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General Car Care Tips to Avoid High Maintenance Costs.

Car is regarded to be one of the most influential innovations of all time. it completely changed the way we commute in our daily lives. It comprises of several moving parts in its construction. Hence, it is essential to take care so that they stay intact over the due course of time. while a car service is greatly helpful to maintain the optimal health of your car, there are some instances when you don’t need to visit the car repair shops unnecessarily.

There are often such times when people neglect unusual signs and they end up costing much in the car repair shop. With that in mind, here are some general tune-up tips to keep your car running well without worrying about costly repairs soon.

1. Belt check:

A car engine works upon the movement of the engine belt. The power drawn by the car to move is passed on by the engine to the wheels when this engine belt moves. Engine belt is responsible for the movement of the water pump, alternator and power steering pump in the car. It is made up of rubber and wears regularly over time. Hence it is essential to take its utmost care before it starts to damage the car engine.

A weak engine belt can lead to serious side effects like an overblown engine. Fixing an overblown engine is quite costly compared to fixing a cheap engine belt. A common solution to avoiding this issue would be to check up on the internals of the car regularly. If you happen to end up with a broken engine belt and happen to live in Singapore, reach out to Swift Tyre Specialist today. We offer car repairs and services across Singapore.

2. Electric parts:

A car also consists of a variety of electric components. They all are connected to the car battery which helps them to function in a car. Electrical components have a short lifespan compared to the mechanical parts. So, it is essential to take good care of them. To ensure that the car keeps running safely, one must regularly check electric parts in the car. One must take note of disconnecting them from the battery to prevent electric shocks.

Dust usually affects the plugs of electric parts. Hence, such kinds of parts must be regularly cleaned to avoid any malfunction. A regular clean up ensures that you don’t end with a lot of spare parts expenses at the time of regular maintenance at any car repair workshop.

3. Filter replacements:

A car comprises of air and oil filters. Both kinds of filters need a timely replacement. Filter replacement is a kind of task that one can easily carry out at home with the use of some tools at hand. Air filters need a regular replacement every 12000 miles or 12 months while the oil filters need to be changed every 3000 to 5000 miles. Both replacements need to be performed once the car cools down after a driving session. Installing new components like these has several advantages like better engine flow, greater efficiency, reduced noise operation and many more.

Self-dedication to such kind of small tasks ensure that you don’t need to stay committed to a schedule to get things replaced at car repair workshops. Additional benefits include money and time savings.

4. Tyre check-ups:

Tyre Check Ups

Tyres are known to be the driving force of cars. They are essential to the movement of vehicles on the road. While the strength of tyres has increased due to modern production methods and better synthetic methods, they still face the harshest road conditions. Excessive friction easily wears out the car tyres and hence, they should be taken care of with regular inspections. Inspection can reveal several tyre-related characteristics like tread wear, cracks, unusual damages and more.

tyres can be easily maintained at home. One can do such by buying a pressure gauge at one of the nearest car repair shops. One can ensure their longevity by regular inspection and filling of air levels, rotating and balancing the tyres. tyres usually have a life span of 4 to 5 years depending on their usage. Avoid filling air more than the recommended PSI levels to ensure the over-inflation of the tyre tubes. Good care of car tyres regularly ensures good fuel efficiency and better car handling.

If you happen to end up with bad tyres and happen to be in Singapore, reach out to Swift Tyre Specialist. We also offer car tyre repair and replacement services across Singapore.

5. Fluid inspections:

A car consists of a variety of fluids. These fluids help several car utilities in their functioning. Some popular fluids include transmission fluid, brake fluid, radiator fluid, power steering fluid, windshield fluids and so on. Such type of fluids assists the accessories in their smooth working. They tend to run out over time and hence need to be refilled regularly. One can easily inspect such fluids and refill them by themselves regularly. The duration of refilling varies for various parts.

They are crucial for governing important car functions like brakes, windshield washing, engine cooling, steering control, gear power and more. Little dedication of every fluid ensures that the car keeps running in the way as it should.

6. Battery analysis:

Car batteries are crucial for electric components inside the car. It is responsible for the functioning of several utilities inside and outside the car. A car battery is made up of various chemical cells that react to generate the power for the components. They usually last for about 4 to 5 years. However, they are generally affected by extreme weather and corrosion due to their unique construction. One should always keep on checking for signs of corrosion and battery levels regularly. Recharging a car battery regularly maintains the battery’s health.

The battery is the first component that is exposed to the environment once the car hood is opened. So, it is usual for it to gather a lot of dust. A car battery is severely affected when the contact terminals are covered with dust and leaking battery fluids. This makes the battery contact points extremely sticky, making it difficult for the user to start the car. If your car often faces problems while starting, it’s time to get some cleaning done. One can make use of basic elements like baking soda applied on to a soft brush or an old toothbrush to clean the battery contact points. Cleaning by this method ensures the corrosion on the contact points is significantly reduced and the leads start to work in the way they should.

7. Lights:

Car Headlights

Cars comprise a variety of lights; some of which are essential for signaling on the road. So, it is crucial to take the utmost care of them. Lights tend to flicker and burn out over time. hence, it is a good idea to keep checking them regularly and replace them.

Ensure that the newly installed lights are well aligned. Well, aligned lights emit the right amount of light. This ensures that you are able to drive safely, even in the middle of the night.

These are our top seven general car care tips to avoid high maintenance costs. While the majority of such tasks can be easily done at home with the help of some tools, one should visit car repair shop once in a while to keep the car running as ever. If your car is not functioning as it should, have a visit at Swift Tyre Specialist today. We offers a variety of car repair and maintenance services across Singapore.

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