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Great Benefits of Wheel Alignment

Every car deserves good care in a while. A good car servicing ensures that good care for your car. A good car servicing is comprised of several aspects. Wheel alignment is one of them. While this is a term that you might not hear often at times of servicing, it is one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to any good car servicing. Tyre alignment or wheel alignment is all about ensuring the movement of wheels seamlessly. It is mainly related to the movement of all the tyres in the same direction.

Wheels in general tend to get misaligned over their axle when they are driven over different terrains over a distance of miles. Misalignment of tyres even in the slightest way can affect the car’s performance and handling. it is essential to maintain the wheel alignment of your car tyres for optimal performance.

Here are some advantages of wheel alignment:

1. Better Mileage:

Tyre misalignment greatly affects vehicle mileage too. They lead to inefficient fuel combustion by putting more workload on the engine. This is because misaligned wheels lead to dragging of car weight instead of being their driving force. High fuel consumption can eventually lead you to spend more on gases. If you feel your fuel expenses have increased despite driving the same number of miles, your car wheels might be in for an alignment. If you happen to live in Singapore, Swift Tyre Specialist offer a great wheel alignment service for your beloved car.

2. Good handling:

Misaligned tyres can be easily determined by reduced handling. This is since the misaligned tyres have the hardest steering. Drivers often find themselves troubling themselves while turning the cars or parking the cars due to this. Even a simple side to side movement becomes a difficult task. Driving such a vehicle is hazardous and can even lead to accidents. Set of well-aligned tyres ensure a great driving experience.

3. Seamless riding:

Car wheels work together to offer a seamless parallel movement. However, they drag to either left or right when they are misaligned. Side effects of such tyres include excessive vibrations, bumpy movements as well as jarring. Excessively misaligned tyres can also lock the wheel axles to an extreme extent, leading to a sudden stoppage on the road. It is essential for your car wheels to be well aligned for a smooth driving experience.

4. Better driving:

Better Driving Experience
Tyres are made of composite rubber. Just like any other rubber-based element, tyres too wear out over time. Extremely worn-out tyres can be easily found out by checking tyre tread level. Also, several factors like uneven tyre levels can contribute to the cause. Tyres should be regularly inspected for signs of wear and be periodically replaced. Swift Tyre Specialist are also known to offer wheel replacement services along with wheel alignment services in Singapore. One can contact them if they need to get their tyres replaced.

5. Lesser maintenance:

Keeping tyres misaligned for longer periods is not a good practice. Driving cars with such misaligned tyres can be extremely damaging to the tyre suspension structure and joining transmission axle. Earlier detection of such damage can lead to lesser maintenance costs in the long run.

6. Good tyre life:

Tyres are the most affected when it comes to any wheel misalignment. Even the slightest tyre misalignment can lead to excessive tyre damage. This is because the tyres face extreme wear and tear due to friction of the wheels with the ground. A set of well-aligned tyres assist you in going the long distance without giving up on you.

How to detect misaligned tyres?

Here are a set of techniques that you can use to check if your car tyres are aligned or not:

Heel and toes:

They are closely related to tread of the tyre. They can be checked by closely looking at the tyre treads. Edges of each tyre tread block are called heel and toe. If you find any of tyre tread block edges to be wearing out more than the other than your tyres are probably misaligned. Such kind of damage is known as heel and toe wear. They can also be found by the sudden vibrations or noise made by your car.


tyre smoothening or feathering of the tyre is also one of the good ways to check if the tyre is misaligned or not. if your car tyres happen to be in a condition where it is smooth on one side and sharp on the other, it is likely being dragged due to misaligned tyres. Driving a car with such kind of tyres is extremely fatal to accidents.

Camber check:

There are cases where the tread edges are facing excessive damage in comparison to the center of the tyre. This is due to a misaligned tyre angle. A car tyre angle is also referred to as the camber. A misaligned camber leads to tyre wear. Camber is of two types namely, positive and negative. The excessiveness of either is highly damaging to the tyres.

Tyre balancing is also crucial for a great wheel alignment. Balance your car every 5000-6000 miles is also essential for a good experience in the long run. Schedule a wheel alignment at Swift Tyre Specialist if your car tyres seem to be misaligned. They are known for offering good tyre alignment and tyre replacement services across Singapore.

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