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Great car service tips to extend its life

A car is all good until it gets along. This is the attitude that most car owners have towards the cars they own. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why a lot of car owners don’t go for a car service until and unless the car breaks down. Serious issues like a bad wheel alignment, burst tyre, blown engine, and bad radiator force an owner to tow their car to a car servicing shop. In such cases, service providers end up charging a ton of money than they would have had the car been serviced on a regular basis. Additionally, such big damages also end up reducing a car’s overall life.

With that in mind, here are some great car service tips that will allow car owners to significantly boost their car’s life:

1. Car Cleaning:

Cleanliness is next to godliness. This statement truly justifies the importance of keeping a car clean. A tidy, shining car is the first way of keeping a car’s components working optimally for a longer period of time. It is usually noted that a car service focuses on cleaning different components. This is because cleaning different components like engine, battery connections, and other underbody parts keeps them away from dirt and grimes.

A detailed car cleaning in a car servicing at least once every six months ensures that a car keeps performing optimally.

2. Steering controls:

A modern car is usually built around a power-based system. In this system, power steering performs the tasks of delivering power to steering machinery all the way from the steering wheel. In this delivery, it acts as a lubricant for the entire machinery. Over time, this fluid gets dirty due to the logging of waste particles and causes jams between machine components.

To avoid such jams and a possible steering failure, a car owner should insist on regularly replacing this fluid during the car servicing process. Regular steering maintenance will ensure a safe car driving experience for car owners.

3. Wheel alignment:

Wheels are one of the most ignored car components. They are largely dismissed because car owners mostly fail to notice their critical nature. Bad tires not only damage components like rims and transmissions but also lead to vehicle imbalance in the middle of a journey. Hence, they can prove to be a critical risk if ignored.

Regular tyre rotation, wheel alignment, and tube care services ensure that all car tyres perform optimally and stay in pristine condition. A yearly car servicing will cover such tyre maintenances and ensure a safe, extended tyre life.

4. Differential engine:

A differential engine plays the role of synchronizing the speed of inner and outer tires. It is responsible for the communication between wheels and transmission. It does so by dividing the power received from torque and delivering it to the tires. Over time, gear oil shortage reduces the overall lubrication capacity of the oil and affects wheel bearings and differential. This can seriously lead to an expensive replacement if ignored for a long time. Hence, the differential engine must be always lubricated in car service from time to time.

5. Car battery:

Batteries are one of the most crucial parts of a car. It not only powers different car accessories but also delivers the necessary charge to kickstart the car engine. Car batteries usually last for a period of 3-5 years if they are taken care of properly. Proper care through regular cleaning and recharging during the car service will ensure that the car battery keeps going on for years to come.

6. Cabin air filter:

The air filter is one of the most critical components in the interior of a car. It can make or break a car’s interior experience. It determines how a car’s interior smells. A cabin might smell filthy or have a good aroma depending on how the filter performs. A good filtration system easily eliminates dirt, debris, and bad smells.

One side of this filter is constantly exposed to the environment. This not only makes it wet but generates spores and dew inside the car. This can be easily replaced to further prevent excessive internal damage to the car in a car servicing job.

7. Cooling system:

Different kinds of cars have different engines. Irrespective of the cooling systems cars have, different cooling elements like water and heat react with metal and cause critical reactions. This affects the cooling machinery and corrodes it in the long run. A damaged cooling system can potentially lead to part breaks, cracks, and overheated engines in extreme cases. To avoid such issues, cooling systems are usually regulated every 2 years for optimal performance.

8. Fuel System:

Different kind of cars accepts different fuels. Irrespective of the fuel they accept, contaminants always tend to pollute the fuel delivery and tank systems inside the car. Sludge, carbon, and dirt pollute and block these systems over time, affecting the drivability, performance, and economy of a car. A regular system cleaning can greatly affect fuel efficiency and the operational performance of the car.

9. Braking system:

A braking system is made with a hygroscopic structure. This hygroscopic structure allows it to absorb water out of thin air. This structure is also known as the hydraulic system is sealed but the water-absorbing reservoir is constantly exposed to air. Over time, this exposure leads to corrosion in the long run. A regular inspection with dip-sticks will allow car owners to check for oil quality in the system and determine if the car needs an oil replacement during the car service.

10. Belt replacement:

Timing and accessory drive belts are two of the most important belts inside a car. While the timing belts connect different shafts with each other, the accessory belt is responsible for carrying out duties like AC compressor, water pump, and alternators.

Such belts can often slip or break and can lead to critical damage as different rolling components collide with each other. Such belts are generally replaced when the odometer hits 50-60,000 miles. If nominal belt replacement costs are ignored, they can end up leaving a burning hole in the pocket of car owners.

These are some of the basic yet great car service tips to extend its life. They not only extend a car’s durability but also reduce a car’s maintenance by advising owners on the right kind of repairs to look out for.

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