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How to Decide on the Perfect Tyres for your Car?

Your car’s operation can be altered by its tyres. The incorrect tyre might make you feel like you are riding a mechanical machine that is going to break down anytime soon, while the proper one will make you feel as if you are driving like a king. Your car tyres play an essential role in keeping the car glued to the road, so taking the time to choose the proper tyre pair is essential for your safety and smooth driving experience.

Let us understand how you can select the perfect tyres for your cars.

Factors to keep in mind while selecting the car tyres:

The best tyre is not a generic, one-size-fits-all product; rather, it is based on your driving preferences. You should keep the following factors in mind while finding suitable tyres for your car:

Understand your requirements

  • Check your vehicle’s owner manual: The common mistake that drivers make is not replacing the tyres according to the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions. Before buying tyres, always refer to the car’s owner manual to determine the precise sort of tyres that are best for your car.
  • Tyres for daily commute: There are tyre types called “aggressive tyres” that are specifically made for commuters who drive on daily basis. These tyres will help your car perform more smoothly on the highway since they are built of specific materials that are more resistant to wear and tear compared to other types of tyres.
  • Tyres for larger vehicles: For larger vehicles like SUVs or trucks, you will require a sturdy and larger set of car tyres. Refer to your car manufacturer’s guidelines and buy a tyre which has a greater rolling radius, offers moderate fuel consumption and is soft on roads.
  • Tyres for off-roaders: Dual-purpose tyres are suitable for both driving on open roads and off-roading. You can have the grip you need in slippery weather, mud, steep inclines, loose gravel, and snow with these types of tyres without compromising on the performance.

Consider the weather conditions in your area

You should select the car tyre based on the weather condition of your driving region.

  • If you live in extreme winter or snowy regions, you should choose winter snow tyres that have special tread patterns to hold a solid grip on a snowbound or wet road.
  • For dry road conditions in extremely hot weather, you can select summer tyres to offer high performance to your car.
  • For car owners who do not want to change their car tyres every season, all-weather or all-season tyres are the best option for them. They are designed to be effective in almost all weather conditions.

Driving location

What location do you usually drive in or for what purpose do you regularly use your car? Consider these things before making a tyre purchase and also consider the terrain you will be travelling in. E.g., driving in urban settings is more common in Singapore. Thus here you will need a tyre that first emphasizes braking distance,
durability, or short rolling distance.

Driving style

Our driving styles often affect the condition of our tyres and the rough driving style demands early tyre replacement. If this is the case with you then you should look for car tyres which provide smooth driving with low noise, comfort, better handling, awesome steering precision, etc.

Tyre size

It is vital to get the correct size of tyres for your car since improperly fitted tyres might put more strain on the heel or even fall off while you are driving, leading to accidents. It is advised to choose a tyre with the dimensions provided by your car manufacturer.

Tread pattern

Tyres are majorly available in three types of tread patterns, symmetric, asymmetric and directional. The symmetric tread pattern is designed for common and regular drives, directional tread pattern helps drive safely on watery roads, while the asymmetric tread pattern is suitable for rain concerns and noise reduction. Your driving habits and needs will determine the best tread pattern for you. Do you want a quiet ride or a strong rainy weather performance tyre?

Tyre quality

The condition of the tyre affects various other factors of the car like its performance, fuel mileage, working of the engine, steering handling, etc. Hence choosing the best quality car tyres is the best option for your car’s safety. Check the manufacturer’s warranty and the manufacturing date and see that the tyres are not more than 6 years old. Moreover, check the product details, product warranty and brand reputation properly before going for car tyre replacement.

Over to you:

For the finest driving experience with your car, it is necessary to understand how your tyres affect the overall handling and condition of your car. Before they become unsafe to drive on, replace your tyres. All the above-mentioned factors should be considered at the time of buying a new pair of tyres to ensure you get the best quality of tyres.

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