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Importance of choosing a good engine oil

Cars or any four-wheeler vehicles are one of the most unforgettable gifts of the automobile industry. Be it any small chore or long-distance assignment, these vehicles have completely revolutionized the way we commute as well as get things done. Driving a vehicle is as important as keeping it intact. One can do such by maintaining their respective vehicles regularly.

Various scientific actions happen in the background when a vehicle is moving. Friction is one of them. Friction helps to reduce the clash that happens between motion and earth’s gravity as well as inside the heart of the engine between the piston and cylindrical walls. In simple words, it is responsible for a smooth movement of wheels on road. Engine consumes fuel, it generates power in horsepower (HP) and hence, moves the vehicle. While the engine makes the power for moving the vehicle, the oil present in it draws heat from interiors due to fuel combustion.

This is the section where the coolants do not reach and hence, new oil is needed to be regularly added in a vehicle every few months. Maintenance becomes an important aspect especially when the sales volumes are rising and their maintenance ratio is not. It’s not just the north of the world, but even the southeastern regions of Asia like Singapore and Bangkok have been shipping a lot of volumes lately. A good quality oil plays an essential role in good mileage and performance of the vehicle. Mentioned below are some of the good reasons to prove the importance of good oil:

  • Maximum Engine Life:

  • A good car engine oil plays a crucial role in the longevity of good engine life. The regular wear and tear is something that greatly affects the engine’s health. Engine oil tries to reduce the effect of the same. Good quality of oil ensures that your engine keeps running smoothly, has less wear and tear as well as reduce the slush produced from the pollutants.

  • Lesser Pollution:

  • Non-polluting vehicle certifications are getting stricter day by day as of immense effect on nature due to global warming. Inferior quality of the oil does not combust properly as of impure elements. Also, such kind of oil makes the vehicle emit dirty, black carbon smoke. Such kind of smoke affects health adversely.

    Fresh and new oil assures that a vehicle will run smoothly and will not produce smoke. A regularly serviced vehicle that is loaded with good quality of the oil is a good sign of a non-emitting vehicle.

  • Engine Cleaner:

  • Apart from keeping your pistons free from friction and smooth chugging, a good car engine oil also helps in keeping your engine clean. Small objects, particles like dust as well as atomic debris collectively make engine dirty when you tend to drive your car in dusty regions. This also limits the engine to perform at its best. This would also force you to swap your oil filter if the damage from such particles is intense, which indeed is a very costly job.

    Good car engine oils come with special additives like lead which not only increase the intensity of smoothness but also ensure that the engine does not accommodate such particles. A good car engine oil works like a premium detergent that makes your clothes shine like new. Better the additives of the oil, better the quality of the oil will be.

  • Better Performance:

  • Cleaning is not only a good factor that makes engine oil good. It also helps a driver hit the best of the vehicle’s fuel economy for a certain vehicle. One surely observes going the extra mile. Apart from this advantage, it also amplifies the standard mechanical output of the car engine.

  • Lubrication made better:

  • The engine has a lot of movements going to and fro. The parts are constantly moving which in turn produces a lot of heat followed by eventual wear and tear. Timely change to a good engine oil ensures that the heating effect of the engine on the parts is greatly reduced. It achieves this by effective lubrication, making the vehicle run smoothly and quietly.

  • Weather/Temperature Resistance:

  • Car engine oils are classified into various grades. While some are made for cold regions, some are suited well for the humid regions across the world. The temperature is grading is usually followed by weather extremity. A car engine oil with “W” grade ensures its performance, even in the roughest of winters. Weather grading is then followed by a number. The number helps in identifying the thickness of the oil. More the thickness more will be the resistivity to the cold.

  • Chosen advantage:

  • Users get to choose from mineral or synthetic oils. While both are equally similar, each has an advantage over the other. The mineral car engine oils are made from the finest crude oil extracts and aim at waxing your car internals for a smoother run. On the other hand, synthetic car engine oils made using costly procedures. This allows it to offer extra advantages like quick car startup, are heat resistant, guarded against oxidants and are less volatile than mineral oil.

    Various brands offer multiple choices when it comes to good car engine oils. Some of the good examples include Singapore based Swift oil, north Britain based shell and more. Wish you a very happy driving experience!

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