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Important Factors that Can Cause a Punctured Tyre

Punctured tyres are a big nuisance and common problem to the car. It becomes an unfortunate event for the driver if he or she needs to go somewhere urgently. If your car tyre is punctured then, your car seems to be difficult to steer, wobbly while driving or it is pulling it to one side. The puncture can be mild or severe depending upon the area of the tyre. One shouldn’t take car tyre punctures easily as a sudden blowout occurring to the car can put the driver’s life at risk.

The punctures of tyres can be precluded just by carefully parking and driving the car or even repaired by using the right tools. The most expected reasons for getting a car tyre puncture occur due to sharp objects like glass, rocks, construction debris or nails piercing through the tyres which result in air escaping from the tyres. Aside from the common problem, there are many causes of a puncture in a car tyre, here are a few:

Causes of getting a Car Tyre Puncture

  1. 1. Worn-Out Tyres It is better to check your tyres for any sort of wear as it can make them more vulnerable to punctures. The worn-out tyres can create a serious situation like loss of inflation or larger braking system can cause an accident for you and as well as for the other drivers. It is advisable to do car tyre repair or replacement services the moment you notice the signs of wear and tear.
  2. 2. The Road is at Fault While driving on the roads, stay alert and best to avoid any sort of potholes, uneven roads, debris or anything that could end up damaging the tyres axles, undercarriages or even the wheels.
  3. 3. Damage to the Valve Stem Damage to the valve stem is the most common cause of a tyre puncture. The stem of the valve is a small edge on the tyre that you can unscrew when you inflate. A corroded or damaged valve stem can cause air to leak from the tyre, causing it to deflate. A loose or dirt-clogged stem can cause a tyre to lose air.
  4. 4. Over-inflated tyres Over-inflated tyres can create a risky situation for the vehicle and as well for the car owners which results in a blowout. Surplus tyres can result in a quick loss of inflation pressure that can lead to holes once you hit the potholes.
  5. 5. Bead Leaks A tyre bead is an edge of the tyre which rests on the rim and causes a flat tyre when leakage has occurred around the boundary. The car owners with an aluminium wheel are advised to check their pressure regularly. To check the leaks, spray the wheels with soapy water and if you notice any bubbles emerging from the wheels then you need tyre puncture services to get it done by a technician.
  6. 6. Disjoining of Tyres and Rim The disjoining of the tyres and rim when your tyre hits a curb or you have rubbed the wheel sharply against the sidewalk while parking. If the tyre slips off the rim, then it can cause air leakage over time. An experienced tyre technician can fix the problem.
  7. 7. Unforeseen Damage Sometimes, there is no way to avoid a flat tyre. It is better to be safe than sorry, so drive with caution and follow the proper procedure if you experience any sort of blowout on the road. Do not slam any brakes and allow the car to slow naturally while steering to the side of the road, turn on your hazards lights and do not attempt to change the tyre by yourself unless you are at some feet from away from the traffic.
  8. 8. Vandalism Always park your car at a safer place to prevent any sort of vandalism in the future such as someone letting out the air from the tyres which can be easily fixed and would not need any sort of replacement.

Concluding Thoughts

When driving your car you might not notice whether your tyre is flat or not, but like a good driver you should always be prepared. One should keep a spare tyre, so you can change if the one tyre is punctured. A spare tyre can act as a lifesaver as you can get back on the road otherwise you have to wait for a towing truck. Remember to not drive your car if the tyres are badly damaged as you could make things way worse. Do not ignore the above factors given in the blog as you can protect your car from getting any unnecessary tyre damages.

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