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Keeping a Spare Tyre is Absolutely Necessary for an Emergency

Experiencing a flat tyre is very common for a driver. Instead of dreading, try to adopt a smart strategy by equipping yourself with a space-saver spare or donut. Many new model cars, except larger SUVs and light trucks, do not have a provision for a regular-sized spare. This donut spare tyre does not last for long. Hence, you should have absolute knowledge – ‘on a spare tyre, how long can you really drive.

Features and limitations of space-saver tyre

In modern cars, the donut tyre is used for a number of reasons. Like, donut help to keep the overall weight of your vehicle to a minimum. Also, this type of tyre improves fuel economy and is less expensive. But you can’t depend on the space-saver spare tyre for long. As you have to follow a speed guideline strictly, therefore it can easily be said that a donut tyre is not ideal for a vehicle. It is better that you make an effort to replace the donut tyre with the run-flat tyre.

Criteria for choosing an effective spare tyre

Having a car means you should know about the following for selecting a spare tyre-

  • Car size,
  • Speed rating, and
  • Load index

So, to maintain optimal performance, safety, and fuel economy, you need to follow the manufacturer’s manual while choosing a spare tyre.

All you should know about a spare tyre

Despite modern cars being efficient and aerodynamic to a large extent, yet if you have a car, then you should know the following-

  • Full knowledge of your spare tyre. There are numerous options available, including full-size spares, donut spares, and run-flat tyres.
  • Make a comparison and choose the right one according to your needs.
  • Full-size spares are not produced by all manufacturers, so you need to buy a new one as soon as you put your spare to use.
  • Full-size spares have the most durability.
  • A donut tyre is a temporary solution. This tyre is mainly used for space constraints and fuel economy.
  • On donut tyres, you can’t drive more than 70 miles, and speed should be restricted to 50 miles per hour.
  • Donut tyres are less durable and vulnerable to rough roads.
  • Run-flat tyres are tougher than the above two. Although it withstands most road hazards, it is less durable than full-spare tyres.
  • On run-flat tyres, you can drive for about 50 miles even after being punctured. But ultimately, you need a replacement.

However, in spite of the cost and other drawbacks, a spare tyre will be your handy solution during emergencies.

Why Run-flat tyres are preferred

The use of run-flat tyres has become very common as manufacturers realize that these tyres are less expensive and require less maintenance than traditional ones. For recent models of luxury cars like BMW, they provide run-flat tyres. These tyres are comparatively tougher than most spare tyres but are not expected to last as long as a full-sized spare.

Run-flat tyres are capable of handling the toughest road situations, and even after a puncture, you can drive for about 50 miles. But after that, this type of tyre needs to be replaced. Despite all these beneficial aspects, run-flat tyres are comparatively more expensive than traditional tyres. So, if you are planning for long-distance travel, then it is better to inspect the condition of the tyres to detect any pressure changes. It will help you to guess the time after which you need to replace your tyres.

Suggest the alternative of a spare tyre

Many new models are coming with factory-equipped inflator kits or run-flat tyres. Due to this factor, the requirements for spare tyres become unnecessary. These run-flat tyres were designed decades ago for high-end sports. These tyres are mainly built with an internal support ring to manage the vehicle’s weight if the car experiences an air pressure problem. This beneficial aspect makes the use of run-flat tyres more common in cars and other vehicles.

How long can you rely on a full-size spare tyre?

Previously, the cars were specifically built for carrying full-size spares. You can observe this provision in a few new models as well. However, the full-size spare weighs a lot and needs a larger storage space. Apart from these, the full-size spares have more durability and can cover a distance similar to a regular tyre. But ultimately, you need to replace your spare tyre with a new one. Many of the drivers prefer onsite replacement to enjoy a hassle-free drive.

Wrapping Up

When you are on the road, you should ensure that your car gives you a smooth and comfortable journey wherever you go. Therefore, it is wise to consider how long you can drive on a spare tyre. From a wide range of choices, like donut tyres or run-flat tyres, you can only expect temporary services. You can’t expect long durability from these tyres, and also, sometimes, they are very expensive. Only Swift Tyre Specialists can help you with effective car tyre replacement services for a hassle-free journey.

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