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Most Common Warning Lights in Your Car

Warning lights in the car simply means that your car requires attention. Warning lights are critical but once you have repaired them the car service would last long. Just like humans properly treat their health symptoms, the car also needs to check up on the symptoms and it can be understood by warning lights that are blinking on the dashboard of the car. There are two types of warning lights: – Red and Orange. A red warning light means that the car has a serious issue or the engine is overheating. The orange warning light indicates there is a fault in the engine management system. Warning lights are boon to the car which would help to identify the problems which need servicing.

Despite warning lights, car owners tend to ignore them which leads to severe damage to the car. Then after some time car broke down and it will cost more than your monthly maintenance. It would be better to give attention to warning lights from the beginning so that car can be maintained and work properly for many years. Here are some common warning lights indicator you need to pay attention to in your car:-

1. Battery Charge

The average of car battery is up to 5 to 7 years and in cold regions it becomes lower so there is no other option than changing the car battery. The warning light of the battery charge means the charging system in the car is not working properly or it is short on power. It can either be a problem with the battery or voltage regulator or alternator. The alternator acts as a generator in the car and is one of the main parts of the electrical charging system. In some situations, you even need to replacement of car battery if necessary.

2. Anti – Lock Brake System (ABS)

Anti-Lock Brake systems are important for any safe and smooth drive, without a good braking system there is a high chance of getting into an accident. ABS is a system that prevents from applying too much pressure on the brakes. The warning light of ABS means that there is a fault in the anti-lock brake system, the braking system is not working effectively as it’s should be.

3. Change oil

Changing oil is essential for any car, it helps to reduce the amount of heat that was generated by the engine and even cleans the dirt which made the engine run slower. The warning level for changing oil means either car is leaking oil or it’s time to change the oil.

4. Airbag and Seat Belt Indicator

Airbag and Seat belt indicator is related to safety issues of the passenger. This warning light means it needs immediate attention or checking and if this light is blinking through the dashboard that means is a serious issue. Sometimes it can be an electrical issue but it is important to get it checked by a mechanic as soon as possible.

5. Transmission Warning

Transmission warning light means there is an issue with the automatic gearbox that can due to problems in the rise of temperature. For that coolant level, fan operation, radiator cap and coolant leaks are to be checked. If your transmission is low, then your car’s handling affects the most such as failure in acceleration and high revolution per minute (RPM) which makes the car moves slow.

6. Check Engine Light

Check engine light warning can occur due to many different problems such as engine compression, gas cap unscrewed, faulty oxygen sensors and many more. There is no telling what type of problem occurs in the car. The best thing is to get checked by the mechanic.

7. Open Door Light

One of the common warning light in the car is the open door light. It tells that one door is not closed properly and the light goes off when it closes. Always make sure that your car doors are closed before you start driving, it is a kind of safety measure that is installed in cars.

8. Steering Lock

Steering Lock is a sign of safety and it is a theft-prevention feature in the car. It inactivates the steering wheel of the car. The warning light will only show when the driver moves the steering wheel when the car is off or the key is removed from the ignition.

9. Cruise Control

The cruise control feature helps to reduce tired drivers who have been driving for long distances. Instead of pressing the accelerator pedal, the car uses a throttle to control the speed. When the warning light for cruise control blinks that means it is on.

10. Master light warning

When more than one problem is identified in the car then the master light blinks in the dashboard that it’s time for car service. It can be a loose cap, an open trunk or low fuel levels the symbol of master light warning is an exclamation point inside a triangle.

The warning light can be useful to fix the problems that the car is facing real quickly. By fixing the problems in the car the driving will be levelled and safer. The alert warning light would be helpful and make your car service last longer.

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