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Save Your Money by Adopting Our Wheel Alignment Services

Most of the car owners have the misconception that a reliable car will “take care of itself” there is no need to go beyond a regular vehicle maintenance schedule and go for wheel alignment which is an unnecessary burden on their pocket.

When your car went for a general vehicle maintenance schedule, checking and adjusting angles of the wheel become a vital part of car maintenance. Wheel alignment and wheel balancing go hand in hand when maintenance is underway.

Wheel alignment is something that prolongs the life of your car tyre and if you live in Singapore and looking for best car maintenance service provider than Swift Tyre Specialist in the one end destination for you. You will get reliable and budget-friendly car maintenance service that too in schedule time.

The Need for Tyre Alignment:

When you go on any car service workshop for car servicing they ensure that the wheels are accurately aligned and improve the car performance. If you are driving your vehicle and while driving you felt your vehicle started vibrating or you feeling your car is drifting to the side then these could be the warning signs to look out your car’s wheel alignment service.

Car wheels generally lose their balance over some time. Some of the factors that play a major role of uneven wheel alignment include weight distribution of your wheel, road conditions and tread wear which causes uneven tyre wear and can lead to further unbalanced wheels.

For the safe operation of your vehicle and to avoid unnecessary wear on your tyres, steering, brakes and suspension it is important to maintain proper wheel alignment of your vehicle.

With Swift Tyre Specialist you will get the best car service and here you get to know how our wheel alignment check process will save your money in the long run:

Longer Tyre Life:

Misalignment of a wheel leads to premature and uneven tyre wear that is why it is very crucial to get tyre alignment until it’s too late otherwise you could find yourself buying new tyres frequently. Our wheel alignment service will give your vehicle a boost to move perfectly and we ensure that the wheels are set straight that would not lead to further problems to your vehicle.

If your car tyres are not aligned properly then it can seriously impair the tyre’s performance and can put you and your family’s life at risk in case you are driving with the unevenly worn tyre. Tyres tend to lose balance as you drive, as you go miles the tread wear causes the distribution of weight around the tyre to change, creating an imbalance hence, cause unusual shaking or vibration as you drive.

At Swift Tyre Specialist the wheel alignment and tyre balancing service are not expensive also, we do not take a long time to get this done. Our result-driven tyre alignment service will help you keep the static balance on your vehicle’s performance and your budget. It would help your vehicle’s tyres to lead a long life.

Affects Vehicle’s Fuel Efficiency:

Now you come to know that poor wheel alignment severely damage your vehicle, it also plays a big role in the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. If you are continuously tolerating crooked steering wheel or excess vibration that are coming from the different parts of your vehicle then you need to think again.

Poor wheel alignment can cause a decrease in gas mileage by up to 10% and a misaligned tyre drags instead of rolling freely. If your tyres aren’t adjusted properly then this leads you to spend more money on gas. When our specialised wheel alignment service centre in Singapore carry out tyre alignment on your car, you can save a considerable amount of money on your monthly fuel expenses.

Suspension System Got Impacted:

Several components of any vehicle work together and make a suspension system which is responsible for any vehicle to turn. The suspension system is comprised of control arms, shocks, struts, steering components and mounting points made to fit in designated area.

Misaligned wheels cause a vehicle to pull to one side or react unpredictably on different road surfaces, even a minor divergence on the road can impact the vehicle’s suspension hence, for a smooth and safe ride and for all four tyres to work together to travel in the same direction the wheel must be properly aligned.

Today’s front and rear-wheel drive vehicles having the suspension system that requires precise wheel alignment that can only be delivered by state-of-the-art alignment systems. Here at Swift Tyre Specialist, we have fully qualified and trained technicians that ensure to give you the most precise wheel alignment by using the latest wheel alignment techniques.


If you are driving your car with improper wheel alignment then you not only have an increased risk of causing preventable damage to your car tyres but misalignment also presents a greater risk of being involved in an accident when you’re out on the road.

Misalignment put a much larger amount of stress on a vehicle’s suspension that could result in damage to certain components in the suspension system that further extremely costly to repair. Also, if you are driving in speed and finding any sort of difficulty in steering in case you have wheel alignment issues, which then increase the chances of an accident.

Due to improper wheel alignment, you’ll notice your car pulling to either side, forcing you to keep a much harder grip on the wheel all the time. Also, the brakes got affected which could increase your stopping time and the potential for an accident while driving.

Final Words:

If you live in Singapore and looking for best car maintenance service in Singapore then you can contact Swift Tyre Specialist. Our smart and experienced technicians performed car servicing along with checking proper wheel alignment in a given time at an affordable rate. We will ensure the longevity of your vehicle through our best car tyre repair and maintenance services in Singapore. So, schedule your wheel alignment with us and get the best service.

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