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Should I Replace My Car Battery After A Jump?

You often find yourself in a situation where your car isn’t starting up, and the car battery has died. A situation like this is quite common, and many drivers opt to change their car battery for a new one. On the other hand, most automobiles can get going with a quick jump start.

But you may wonder if you can keep going or need a car battery replacement. After jump-starting, the question of whether you need a new battery often arises in drivers’ minds, leaving them uncertain. However, you do not have to worry about all these questions.

This article will provide all the answers you need, like whether your battery needs replacement or when you should change your car battery. So let us dive in.

Reasons to Replace Car Battery

Should I get a new battery after getting a jump start? Car Battery replacement isn’t typically necessary for quite some time. You shouldn’t buy a new one regardless of how long it’s been since you turned it on. However, you may require a new battery if you leave your car running for 30 minutes and then have to jump-start it again. Getting a new battery for your car is unnecessary since you have to jump-start it.

A car battery can last long after being jump-started, but only if the alternator keeps it charged. If your battery is five years old or more, you should get a new one to prevent it from giving you trouble again and again. There’s a chance a jump start will get it going, but the underlying issue that caused it to die in the first place will eventually catch up with your battery and kill it for good. It would be best if you considered changing the car battery for a replacement because it will probably keep dying until you do.

Car batteries, if used and cared for properly, can last up to five years. If you continue to experience difficulties, you should consider a new battery. Let us look at some signs that indicate you need a car battery replacement.

1. Battery Age

If your car’s battery is more than five years old, it’s probably time to replace it. Having done so, you can rest assured that your new battery will provide adequate power and performance.

2. Change in the shape of the battery case

This is one of the signs you should look for when changing the car battery. The casing of the battery will likely begin to bend as time passes by for the battery. If the case of the battery has an odd shape, it may need to be replaced.

3. Corrosion

When a car sits unused for months, corrosion can set in on the battery, rendering it useless. While your car is sitting idle, corrosion can quickly spread from the battery terminals to the ends of the cables connecting them. A battery’s life span can be shortened by corrosion. Your options here are to either get it fixed or buy a new one.

4. Check-Engine indication

When there is a problem in the engine compartment of your vehicle, the “check engine” light will become on. If this is the case, a symbol on your dashboard shaped like a battery will illuminate, letting you know that you need a car battery replacement or a check.

5. The car left unused for a long period

While you are driving, the battery in your car will recharge. If you park your car for more than a couple of weeks without driving it, the battery will probably expire while you are away. Sometimes you can jump-start it under certain circumstances. On the other hand, the longer you let it sit without moving it, the greater the likelihood that you will need to purchase a new one.

6. Dimmer Car lights

Another sign that your battery is running low on power is that the display will gradually get darker. If the lights on the automobile begin to flicker, it can indicate something is wrong with the vehicle. Therefore, replacing your car battery might be a good option.

7. Bad Battery Smell

Another sign that you might need a car battery replacement is that there is a bad smell coming from the battery. It’s not always a bad thing when batteries have a pungent odour. If, on the other hand, your battery starts to emit a peculiar odour, it is probably time to replace it with a fresh one.


If you can jump-start your car once and not have to do it again before driving, you can avoid purchasing a new battery. Now is the time to buy a new car battery if yours is giving you trouble. Generally speaking, jump-starting a battery is safe. The battery is charged even with the engine running. As long as the alternator and engine are in working order, you don’t need a car battery replacement. We hope we have answered all your questions in this article. Swift Tyre Specialist provides an excellent service if you need a car service or a battery replacement.

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