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Trick Your Car To Start With Dead Battery With These 9 Simple Ways

One problem that nearly every car owner has faced or may face is a weak or dead battery. Thanks to COVID, cars parked for weeks became a more common issue. Besides not starting a car for a long time, other reasons like extreme temperatures, headlights remaining on without the engine running, and an ageing battery also deplete the car battery.

There are many ways to start a car with a dead battery, and you do not always require jumper cables. You can start your car with a dead battery in nine different ways. Below are the ways to help you start your car with a dead battery.

By Putting In Neutral

Manual transmission, cars are always started in neutral; hence, this trick works for vehicles with automatic transmissions. Furthermore, when you move the gear stick, there is a possibility of establishing an electrical connection in the car’s neutral safety switch. Hence, your car might start by putting the gear in neutral. Moreover, this trick is beneficial for starting vehicles with low battery charges.


If your car is troubled to start and you find blue, white or green substance on the battery terminals or cable, then corrosion is the reason behind your dead battery. Corrosion prevents the electricity flow required to start a vehicle from the dying battery.

Apply a fizzy drink like Coke or another soda to eliminate corrosion formed on the battery cable. However, before applying soda, disconnect your battery cables. Now pour soda on the corroded areas. Soak it for a while and then scrub the corrosion away.

Baking Soda

Your car battery may have been dead due to corrosion. In that case, you can revive the battery by applying soda or baking soda. In the process, you require a toothbrush, a tablespoon of baking soda and warm water. You can remove corrosion on the terminals simply by brushing the cables with a mixture of baking soda and water, just like you brush your teeth with toothpaste.


The electronic control module (ECM) sometimes prevents the car from starting because of a bad coolant temperature sensor. In such cases, fuel is sent through the fuel pump bypassing the ECM.

By pressing down the accelerator pedal before turning on the key, the fuel pump gets engaged and sends the fuel to the engine. Thus, the coolant temperature sensor issue is fixed by doing so.

Moreover, if the fuel pump relay runs full-time, it will drain your car’s battery. Thus, a fuel pump relay swap will help you maintain your dying battery in good condition.

The Battery Terminals

If you haven’t used your car in a long time and it has had the parking brakes up for this long, then you should try this method. Re-positioning the battery terminal may give the weak battery a better connection. You can also pair this trick with corrosion cleaning for the best results.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly is applied to prevent corrosion build-up. Moreover, it is also useful when the battery is already dead.

Petroleum jelly is an excellent electrical conductor and also has anti-corrosive properties. Therefore, applying petroleum jelly on the terminals and across the battery helps conduct electricity to the dying battery’s start.

Epsom Salt

Batteries that remain unused for a long time produce excess sulfate, reducing the charge-storing capacity. Thus, it results in the battery’s inability to carry the electricity needed for the starter.

You can take care of this problem by carrying out a desulfation process using Epsom salt. In this process, mix Epsom salt with warm water. Now fill the battery cells with the prepared solution. The solution will break down the sulfate build-up.

Aspirin Tablets

The aspirin Tablets method is only used for lead-acid batteries. Moreover, the process is quite dangerous and needs to be done with care. Therefore, it will be best to grab a pair of protective goggles and gloves before proceeding with this procedure.

Take a screwdriver and remove the vehicle’s weak battery and the battery cell covers. Now drop two aspirin tablets in each of the six battery cells. Please keep it for an hour before checking the battery for any power. It is because the acetylsalicylic acid of Aspirin combines with the car’s sulfuric battery acid and creates a charge.

Remember, adding Aspirin to the lead acid battery shortens the working life of a battery. Hence, you must use this method only on old car batteries that require a short boost. It is better to try the other tricks mentioned above for new vehicles or a new battery.

Distilled Water

Distilled water is one of the most influential and simple dead car battery tricks. It is most useful when the battery’s electrolyte levels are low. Moreover, distilled water is the perfect alternative electrolyte booster to Aspirin and Epsom salt.

This method adds warm distilled water to the battery cells to submerge the plates. Now give a few more turns to the starter motor and see the wonder.


There are many ways of starting your car with a weak battery. However, most of these solutions are temporary, so you need to get your battery repaired by a professional car repair workshop. These tricks will, however, help you take your car to the nearest car service station. Moreover, ensure to perform these tricks with utmost care.

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