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Six Reasons Why You Should Never Skip A Car Service

Have you ever skipped your health check-up? Never right. Then why do you skip the car service? Skipping a car service is not a sin, but it can lead to expensive car issues. A car needs to be serviced and maintained at a fixed interval for better mileage, performance, functioning etc. Your car doesn’t come with the warranty, for that maintenance is required for its longer health.

A car should be serviced every 12 months or when it reaches 15,000 km (whatever comes first). Your car’s mechanical functions, lubricants, fluids etc. needs to be changed and adjusted at intervals to make sure that it is safe and all the components are performing well. Here are other reasons that you should never miss car service:-

1. Lengthen your car’s life

Car service can be a tedious task to take it to a professional automobile store, however, maintaining a car has its benefits. The mechanic can give the report about electrical and mechanical components which needs attention. Minor repairs can be fixed immediately but the major repairs need a longer time to get fixed.

By servicing you can improve the longevity of the car. If you want to drive your car without replacing it every 4 years then it is better to do car service at every frequent interval.

2. Improves car performance

A car is built by putting different parts together and if one part fails then it can affect the car. Every part of the car needs to be in good shape so it can run smoothly like any other well-oiled machine. Doing car service at fixed interval will not only make every parts of car work smoothly but also improves the complete performance of the car.

3. Maintain your car’s value

A second-hand car market is very competitive, a regularly maintained car can attract more buyers. A well-maintained car will be more valuable when it is time for selling. So by doing car service you are not only extending its life but also maintaining the car’s value. That’s why routine check-ups of the car are proof that it will attract potential buyers.

4. Safety of your car

Safety is one of the important aspects while driving and should not be compromised at any cost. Car service can warn the problems that can actually cause harm in near future. 7 major parts that are looked at in-car services are Brakes, Car engine, Electronic system, Wiper, Driving system, Headlights and Gearbox. The car service makes sure that there is safety and performance of the car on the roadway.

5. Reduce in breakdowns

Preventing a breakdown is the biggest advantage of servicing a car. You can reduce the breakdown by servicing the car in the initial phase. After service mechanic provides a report outlining the emergency repairs that require attention to avoid any breakdown. It is necessary to follow the car service schedule provided by the mechanic to avoid putting the risk of a breakdown in your car.

6. Saving money

It is important not to avoid any car service because it identifies even the small problems that can lead to big ones. A broken-down car may ruin your plans of the day and a finding mechanic may cost you time and money. A well maintained improves the vital parts of the car and reduces fuel consumption. By doing the regular service you can save money for major repairs that may happen due to damaged parts.

7. Other factors

Vehicles are boon to humans but a bane to the environment if your car is not well serviced. The car can harm the environment by emitting pollution which leads to contaminated waterways, acid rain, smog etc. So it is a good idea to be eco-friendly and do your car service regularly.

A regular car service checks fluids, coolants, oil etc are checked, it needs to change when required. Well-oiled parts of the car go into less friction while running which can reduce wear and tear. If your car is running less efficiently that means it is consuming more fuel by scheduling regular tune-ups and oil changes you are saving as much fuel as possible and can save more money.


A well-service car runs smoothly on roadways and gets into fewer accidents due to faulty parts. Thus regular maintenance of a car is necessary it can save you time and money. As there are many benefits and reasons that one should never skip a car service, but remember these two things while doing car service:

  1. 1. Always make sure that you are getting your car service from qualified mechanics.
  2. 2. The car service should follow the vehicle manufacturer recommended guidelines.

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