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Some of the Car Tyre Myth and Facts That Every Car Owner Should Know

Car tyres are an essential part, they are directly linked between your vehicle and the road. Car tyres are one of the most important and most overlooked components of the vehicle. For a good driving experience, having good quality tyres are essential. It is also important to find the right tyres for your vehicle that are well suited for the conditions that you must regularly drive-in and match your requirement.

The role play by car tyre in grip is been neglected also people often neglect the other areas they have an impact on like the ride quality, road noise and braking. No doubt, a car tyre plays a vital role in your everyday motoring so, here are some of the myth and facts about car tyres that every car owner should know that would help you to keep them in top-notch condition.

1. As long as there is thread left, the tyres are safe to use (Myth)

Fact: The rubber compound in the tyre deteriorate with time and with the exposure to elements and age even though they come with the warranty period. The cracks in the tyre’s rubber begin to develop over time, it starts appearing on the surface and inside the tyre as well. As the crack starts developing it can eventually cause the steel belts present in the tread to separate from the rest of the tyre.

Also, the climate which you are living in and your driving style tells you the life expectancy of your vehicle’s tyre. To ensure a long tyre life, it is important to maintain the right air pressure in tyres, try to rotate them regularly and get routine inspections.

2. Tyre pressure monitoring system monitors the correct tyre pressure (Myth)

Fact: Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) uses the sensor to continuously monitor the pressure in the tyres. Sensor present in the tyre or car send information to one or several modules in the car and these modules are programmed with a range of acceptable circumstances. The direct tyre pressure monitoring, TPMS only required to indicate the tyre pressure if it is below 25 percent from what is been states by the manufacturer for safe driving.

TPMS should be considered at last when it comes to monitoring the tyre pressure as TPMS failures rise dramatically, it does not always show you the exact tyre pressure that is why it is advisable to use a tyre pressure gauge to get the exact PSI which helps you to match with the exact tyre pressure that is recommended by the manufacturer for safe driving.

3. Based on the PSI value mentioned on the sidewall of the tyres the tyre must be inflated (Myth)

Fact: Maintaining proper tyre pressure will ensure you to get more life of your tyres, whatever is written on the sidewall of the tyre that indicates the maximum pressure value, you should refer to the inner side of the door in the car where the recommended tyre pressure value is mentioned. The air pressure required to be filled in the car tyre is mentioned on the driver side door jamb or in the owner’s manual that helps to receive the optimum performance from your vehicle. Sometimes the air pressure value mentioned on the sidewall of the tyres is not what is been recommended by the manufacturer.

4. The tread pattern that is designed on the tyres are only meant to provide traction (Myth)

Fact: Symmetrical tread pattern on the tyres not only enhances a vehicle with the traction it also enhances the grip and handling for specific driving conditions. The directional tyre tread pattern provides high protection against aquaplaning, a good road-holding at high speeds and excellent handling on snow and mud. Also, the asymmetric tread pattern offers excellent handling, good grip on the wet condition and high curve stability.

The different form of tread patterns available on tyres is also meant to address specific driving needs like wet braking, dry handling, aquaplaning resistance and traction on ice and snow.

5. The valve cap prevents the tyre from losing air (Myth)

Fact: Each small part present in the car have their specific use and so that the valve caps. However, there is a lot of misconceptions around what exactly the valve caps are for do they stop going air outside the tyre or do something else?

The valve caps are placed on the stem of the car tyres, they are small in size and may seem insignificant, however, they play an important role in car tyre maintenance. A valve cap is designed to protect the stem present in the tyre from dirt and moisture that can enter the valve stem and cause blockages and damage the valve.

Not having a valve cap does make your car tyre susceptible to losing air but also keep dirt, water and mud from entering the valve and cause air loss.

6. While replacing two tyres, the new tyres should be mounted on to the front (Myth)

Fact: If you prefer car tyre replacement in a pair than it is recommended to install both the new tyres on the rear axle. When you replace car tyre in pair, the new tyre should always be installed in the rear axle. It helps the vehicle to maintain control on wet roads and provide stability and optimum steering. New tyres on the rear axle help the driver to maintain control on the wet roads easily.

7. Vibration caused in the vehicle because of tyres (Myth)

Fact: Vehicle vibration is a pretty common issue, you are driving a new car or a used car there may come a time when you start to experience abnormal vibrations, bumps, sounds and drifting while driving. The cause of vibrations are numerous and some of the causes are improper wheel alignment, uneven wear, damaged brakes, shocks and struts, engine mounts, damaged wheel rims and more.

It is advisable to go to for car service to a car workshop the experts will help you to find out the reason behind the vibrations occurring in your vehicle.

Final Words:

As the car tyre is the essential component for any vehicle, it’s the tyre that stops the car and one should not underestimate the importance of car tyres. Above are some of the myths and facts that everyone should know because when it comes to safety, car tyres are one of the important elements that provide the proper grip on the road surface and lead you having a smooth and safe ride.

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