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Things To Keep in Mind About Wheel Alignment in Cars

Tyres are considered to be the legs of cars. The tyre is a rubber covering placed around wheels that comes in contact with roads. Without proper maintenance of tyres, the overall performance of cars will suffer for that wheel alignment is necessary. Wheel alignment is an adjustment of vehicle suspension, a system that links between cars to its wheels. Wheel alignment is also known as tyre alignment.

The improper alignment of wheels can be caused due to potholes or manholes without cover, sudden clash when they hit something with high speed, normal wear and tear tyres. Wheel alignment is one of the main problems in a car. The tyres need to be checked properly at the time of maintenance so in the near future any sort of wheel alignment doesn’t happen while you are driving.

Below are the causes of improper wheel alignment in your car: –

1. Steering Wheel Problems

While steering your car many problems may occur such as you may be trying to steer straight but the car may go in a different direction. It can be dangerous for those who are driving through hilly areas, snow, rain, etc. as it would be difficult to control the steering wheel.

2. Uneven Tyre Wear

Tyres need to be replaced on a regular basis as it is normal for tyres to wear and tear. Wheel alignment can help tyres to keep safe for a long basis. Uneven tyre wear can cause some serious damage to the wheel and axial parts. For good alignment, tyre rotation can help you to save time and money.

3. Vibration

Misalignment of wheels can cause vibration. The major cause for vibration is driving through potholes and manholes or by rash driving. Driving cautiously can protect your car wheels from being misaligned. While inspecting the car wheels, one should check the interior angle of the tyre as it is worn out from that side.

4. Fuel Efficiency

Due to uneven tyre wear, it causes serious damage to the wheels, the wheels might be pushing against each other to move forward but eventually, it makes it difficult for the car to move in a direction. This will burn more fuel than normal to overcome the resistance. With the help of wheel alignment improve the overall fuel efficiency and performance of cars.

Misalignment of wheels can be a major problem for cars. According to experts, car alignment should be done after every 3000 to 6000 miles. By correcting wheel alignment, car efficiency improves. Here are some advantages of doing wheel alignment in a car: –

  • It would improve vehicle control and fuel efficiency. With efficiency in vehicle control and fuel, you can drive comfortably.
  • It improves the span of vehicle tyres.
  • The car is now must safer, you can even drive in wet conditions and there won’t be any problems while applying breaks or steering wheels in different directions.
  • There are fewer chances of getting into accidents. Misalignment causes various problems in wheels such as steering, uneven tyre, etc which leads to accidents.
  • It improves the steering and suspension components.

While checking tyre alignment there are three things that professionals keep in their mind: –

1) Camber alignment

Inward and outward angle of the tyre is viewed from the front, if it’s too much inward or outward tilted shows an improper alignment of wheels. Ball joints, worn bearing, and other wheels suspension parts can cause misalignment.

2) Toe alignment

The alignment of the toe happens when tyre is in an inward or outward angle viewed from above. If the tyre is inward that means it is toe-in alignment and if tyre is outward that means it is toe-out alignment.

3) Caster alignment

Caster angles help in stability, cornering, and balance steering. If the steering axis is towards the driver that means it is a positive caster and if the steering axis is towards the front of a car that means it is a negative caster.

One of the methods that are used in wheel alignment is Tyre Rotation. It is a practice of moving the wheels and tyres of vehicles from one position to another. Tyres get worn out very easily because the weight distribution is not equal in them. There can be many reasons behind it such as uneven tyre, pressure, wear and tear, misalignment, etc. Tyre rotation is the inexpensive and easiest automobile maintenance.

Wheel alignment should be checked even after an accident, driving through potholes, sudden turns, or bumping on the road. A proper alignment of wheels would help in the durability of cars. It gives good mileage, smooth drive, correct tyre alignment. The faster you address the smaller issues, the lesser the problem you’ll face.

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