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Things to Examine Before You Get Your Punctured Car Tire Repaired

Automobiles have become a trend for effortlessly commuting to places at our convenience. While the technology has bettered every aspect of the transportation industry since it began, there are some days when you would wish it was better than it seems in the form it is in. One such case is of the automobile tyres. While their generic strengths, types, models, and architecture have gradually revolutionized over the decades, they still cause a huge inconvenience when they go flat.

No one likes to visit for a car tyre puncture repair in the middle of a trip. While a burst is a whole lot of a different tyre repair issue; one can still take chances to get their car’s tyre fixed in case of a puncture in no time. However, one must take note of several notes of the things before one goes for a tyre puncture service.

1. Find a professional service provider:

While this seems to be pretty common advice for any kind of automobile service you are looking for, it is essential when it comes to any tyre puncture. Trying to repair such puncture all by yourself may not even be fruitful; in fact, it may even damage the tyre more if you miss a thing or two. One unless being has worked in a garage would be unaware of the right set of tools, patches, and adhesives needed to get the car tyre patched up. Personal repairs also raise the questions of effective repair duration.

There lies one effective solution for this problem: find a professional mechanic or a registered car tyre repair service provider. Patch and plug is the only well-known method to get your punctured tyre back on track. Swift tyres specialist is a tyre repair shop in Singapore which often collaborates with professional car tyre puncture repair providers. This ensures that its customers receive a good service whenever and wherever they need it nearby.

2. Separate tyre from the rain:

One would get a basic idea of tyre puncture looking at the speed of how fast the wind goes out the filled tyre. However, such kind of inspection is just not enough. To ensure a proper repair, the car tyre repair service professional will need to remove the tube from the tyre rim and inspect the damage from all sides and angles.

The damage will be almost unidentifiable unless verified from all the angles and sides. Tube extraction is a must when it comes to any tyre puncture. Driving such kind of damaged tyre is extremely hazardous.

3. Avoid Patching over patched:

Puncture repairs over the region where your tyre previously had a puncture is not a good idea for repairs. Avoid forcing a repair over a patched hole. Patching over a previously repaired area would compromise tire’s integrity. Forcing a repair over such a region would mean risking your drive over a tyre burst or lose control. The simplest solution to this would be to swap out the punctured tube or tyre.

4. Replace in case of greater damage:

While tyre puncture repairs seem cheaper, sometimes they are not the feasible option you are looking for. A tyre puncture that over a hole size of a quarter inch should not be taken into consideration for repairs. Repairing such a big hole isn’t just worth it, plus there also lies a risk of a tyre burst in case of an improper patching job. Tire’s age also plays a major role here, leaving you on road side in extreme cases.

While new tyres or tubes may seem too costly for starters, they assure a safer operation than a multi-patched aged one. If you are the one who goes extra miles, replacement should be the first pick rather than a repair. Also, ensure that the repair you make is a good one.

5. Repair criteria:

Aged tyres should be prioritized for replacement rather than repairs. Trying to repair a car tyre that has already worn out by age is not a feasible option. Re-patching an already patched old tyre is a hazardous choice. One way to ensure your tire’s age is to verify its tread length. Experts at swift tyre only recommend repairing a punctured tyre that has 1/16 inch treads.

6. Patching location:

This is a lesser known fact, but an important one. One would be able to identify the check for reparability or replacement by looking at the location of the tyre puncture. Tyre repairs are only feasible in the case of the tread focused areas.

Puncture hole in the places other than the tread area is likely to rupture again due to uneven pressure pushing. Sidewall patches are the ones to avoid for repairs. Reopening possibilities should be well examined before one gets the tyre repair service done.

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