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Useful Tips for Women Who Are Charged More at a Car Repair Shop

Mechanics or auto repairing is a male-oriented field where women are considered “Less knowledgeable” compared to men. Many women feel that they have been tricked into paying an exorbitant amount. 9 out of 10 women say they are treated contrarily to men at the car repair shop. Mechanics assume that women have less expertise in cars and their maintenance compared to males. They are given a higher price quotation because they lack the necessary information.

These results are proved by a study where it was found that mechanics automatically decide to quote the higher price if they get to know that the woman does not have complete information.

Do not fall victim to a deceitful car mechanic. Whether you are a female or a male, no one wants to pay for expensive car repairs unless it is really essential.

How Can You Save Your Pocket From Getting Ripped Off by Mechanics?

Here are some tips that you should remember when servicing or repairing your car:

  • Research your way: The problem only arises when you lack enough knowledge about the repair prices in the market or the basic knowledge about your car. When you have enough information, no one can fool you and demand extra money. Contact certified and qualified mechanics only and before finalizing them, check online reviews, website, their credibility, reputation, etc.
  • Know your car: The dishonest mechanic will immediately capture you as his prey if you do not know which end of the dipstick goes into the engine. Try to learn some basics about your car like various car parts and their functioning. Read your car owner’s manual and try some practical by examining the interior of the car, and check the various car fluid levels like oil, windshield washer fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, etc. Moreover, understand your car’s requirements and regular repairs, maintenance and servicing.
  • Ask questions to the mechanics: The key is to show your confidence to the mechanic by asking relevant questions about your car issues. This will make him aware that you know what fixing is required and what he is doing. He will think twice before charging you the extra money.
  • Ask for an immediate estimate: Whenever you visit a car service centre, get your car thoroughly checked and ask for an approx. estimate. You must inform the mechanic that even if the price varies or exceeds, he should call you and ask for your approval. This is the most effective strategy to prevent getting overcharged, and the forewarning will allow you to make an informed decision.
  • Ask your old car parts back: Always insist on taking your old car parts with you after a car service, since unscrupulous mechanics may bill you for items that were never replaced. When your mechanic calls to inform you about the car parts replacement, tell them you want the old ones back.
  • Cross-check the price of new parts: If the cost of a replacement item seems excessive, call the dealer or look it up online to be sure it is accurate. Inquire if the car components meet the criteria of the Original Equipment Manufacturer. If you are still not sure, ask the mechanic to let you view the parts’ package. Do not forget to ask about the warranty policy for the service or car components at the car repair shop.
  • Choose the mechanic referred by friends or family: One of the best ways to avoid being cheated is to choose a car mechanic referred by your friends or family as they have experienced them before and have built trust. Do not worry if you do not have a regular mechanic, your friends or colleagues or family may have been using the service of a car workshop whom they trust and are satisfied with the service. Visit that car repair shop.

Summing Up:

Car repair shops and mechanics can have an advantage in extracting more money due to a lack of research and industry understanding. Women are frequently stereotyped as having little expertise in cars, repairs, or maintenance.

Break this thinking; be smart by lots of researching, gaining knowledge, asking questions, demanding what you exactly want and getting a 2nd opinion when you are unsure. And if it occurs to you that you have been overcharged for car repairing services or replacement services, do not be hesitant to approach the mechanic. Whenever you get your car fixed, you have a right to get quality services at reasonable rates.

A reputed, certified, trustworthy, honest and qualified car service provider will not take the wrong advantage of their customers whether they are men or women. Swift Tyre Specialist is one such car repair shop that works honestly and provides the customers with their required services with guaranteed results. We believe in establishing and maintaining healthy and long term relationships with our clients. Get in touch with us today.

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