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Ways to Make Tyres Last Longer

A car consists of a variety of mechanical components. They aid in the movement and motion of a car. Apart from the engine, the car tyres guide it to move the vehicle. Modern car tyres are manufactured using smart techniques and are made using high-grade materials like synthetic-natural rubber and chemicals. However, Wheels face constant friction with the road. Due to this, they are often worn over time.

Car tyres usually have a running life of about 30,000 – 80,000 kilometers. There are a variety of techniques one can utilize to still make the most out of their car tyres and avoid the hassle of visiting tyre shops for maintenance over and over again. Here are some of those to make the most out of your car tyres.

1. Side focused care:

Cars are designed uniquely. To move the car, the rear wheels are assigned the duty of driving the car when pushed by the car engine. Additionally, they lack the steering support of the frontal car tyres. This is one of the reasons why the rear tyres face excessive wear rates in comparison to the front car tyres.

Rash driving often increases the wear rate of the rear car tyres. This is the reason why one should always opt for better quality tyres to ensure long-lasting performance. Better quality tyres ensure a better wheel to ground traction, thereby reducing the wheel friction to a greater extent. It also increases the handling capacity of a car whilst ensuring safety against tyre explosions under heavy load. Reduced friction ensures reduced wear and tear.

2. Internal inspection:

A car tyre has a complex connection with the car. This complex connection is specially designed to withhold the tyre when the car is moving. Car tyres are often damaged when they face potholes. Sometimes the damage is internal and is unnoticeable. This is one of reasons why regular internal inspection is a must. This ensures that your car tyres are intact as they should be. It also helps to detect little problems like surprising air leaks, tread damage and more.

Such kinds of inspections often help in reducing excessive car tyre damage and reducing the probability of visiting the tyre shops again and again. However, if you happen to face any kind of car tyre problems, reach out to Swift Tyre Specialists today. We offer car tyre services across Singapore.

3. Right fill:

It is essential to fill the right amount of air with the right amount of pressure in car tyres. This can be achieved with the help of analyzing your car tyre’s maximum filling capacity. Filling the air with the right amount of air pressure index assures that your car tyres offer optimal performance and don’t result into bursting tyres.

4. Avoid rash driving:

Excessive friction wears out the car tyres quickly. This has a scientific reason behind it. Friction causes the contact surface to heat and wears out due to it. Rubber is highly susceptible to heat and hence, wears out easily. The possibility of damage is higher in cases when friction is excessive when the car faces potholes or instant drive braking.

This is why it is often optimal to drive the car at nominal speeds. It ensures that the car tyres don’t face too much damage. Side effects of rash driving include air leaks, tread cuts and more.

If you happen to be stuck with a flat tire and are in Singapore, reach out to Swift Tyre Specialists today. We offer 24hrs car tyre repair and replacement services across Singapore.

5. Tyre movement:

Car tyres are held onto the suspension. It is gradual for them to get loose over time by regular use. This is one of the times when one side of your car tyres begin to feel heavy compared to the other side. This type of problem is commonly referred to as tyre imbalance. It also makes the car feel a lot of vibrations, ruining the entire driving experience. Side effects of imbalanced car tyres include faster wear rates, damages to steering and suspension systems. A well-balanced car tyre system essential for optimal tyre performance.

Just like wheel balancing, wheel alignment is also essential for maintaining the longevity of the car tyres. Wheel alignment keeps the vehicle intact on the road. Problems related tyre misalignment usually occur when the car often hits into potholes during rash driving. Misaligned tyres lead to serious issues like bad car handling system. Extreme fuel consumption is one of the serious effects of misaligned car tyres. Also, such kind of problems consumes a lot of time and money when they are in the tyre shop. One should quickly reach out to the nearest authorized car tyre shop for fixing these kinds of issues.

6. External inspection:

Car tyres often have varying lifespan. They usually last for 3-4 years under normal usage scenarios. Sometimes their wear can be easily detected by outer inspection. A closer look at car tyres reveals several things about the car tyres. Inspecting tyre treads easily lets one determine the age of car tyres. Tyre treads about 1.6mm are widely accepted and considered safe for daily use. Anything below the specified count is harmful to the car and can eventually lead to car hazards. If you happen to have such kind of tread worn tyres, reach out to Swift Tyre Specialists in Singapore today.

7. Spare to the rescue:

Nothing is sure about any car journey. There might be times when your perfectly good car tyres might face severe damage from road garbage and give up in the middle of nowhere. This is where a spare car tyre and some tyre replacement accessories can save the day.

Spare tyre ensures that you are able to drive your car tyre to the nearest car tyre shop for proper inspection. In case you forget the spare tyre and happen to be stuck somewhere in Singapore, reach out to Swift Tyre Specialists. We offer a variety of 24hrs car tyre puncture repair, tyre replacement, wheel balancing

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