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What Is An Ideal Time To Get Your Car Serviced?

Today, a car is both a need and an investment in our comfort. Because of modernisation, almost everyone can now afford a car, and people prefer owning a car rather than taking public transportation. However, our effort does not finish after we purchase a car; we must continue to maintain it at regular intervals to achieve the best outcomes. And that is possible with the help of regular Car Servicing.

Why Car Service is necessary?

Every part of the car can be compared to the human body. As the human body needs full check-ups once, twice or even thrice a year, your car also needs regular servicing at required time intervals. A car, like the human body, is made up of numerous elements that must work together to form a whole system to function properly. A car is a valuable piece of machinery that requires regular maintenance and inspections to perform properly. With so many spare parts in one car, it is understandable that any one of them could become unfriendly and would require service, even if the rest of the vehicle is in good working order. And you can imagine how meticulously you must take care of your car for it to perform successfully for you and the only way to do so is through regular check-ups, maintenance, and servicing. As a result, it is critical to service your vehicle regularly. Now we will take a look at how often you should do it.

What is Car Servicing?

A car servicing procedure entails maintaining and inspecting the vehicle to ensure that it is in good working condition and well balanced to maximise performance and minimise roadblocks. Simply defined, Car Servicing is a series of health checks and modifications performed by a trained professional to ensure that everything is operating according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Everything from an essential fluid level check to addressing the larger concerns at hand is covered in the Car Servicing procedure.

Types of Car Services:

Depending on your demands, there are a few distinct sorts of automobile service:

  • Regular Servicing: It is essential when your car’s engine oil or any other fluids go below the recommended level, as the name suggests. Depending on the vehicle’s efficiency and usage, it may also involve filter replacement.
  • Full Service: If your car is 12 months old or you have driven 12,000 miles before the end of the 12 months, then you should consider getting a full car service, which will offer you a comprehensive service to maintain your car in top shape, with every element and component sparkling.
  • Manufacturer Service: It is a maintenance period decided by your car’s manufacturer whose schedule is mentioned in your car manual.

How often should you take your car for servicing?

We can now surely determine the exact time and condition at which we require our car to be maintained after studying the basics of car servicing, its necessity, and its types. Let’s take a quick look at it.

  • General Rule: When it comes to car servicing and maintenance, most car garages follow a schedule, but it all relies on how you maintain the vehicle. The general rule to get your car serviced is after 12 months of buying it or even before it if you have reached 12,000 miles. But this is subject to change depending upon the car’s condition, weather condition where you drive, your driving habit and of course your car’s model. Mechanics also prescribe ’30-60-90′ service intervals and ‘3-6-9-12’ service intervals, which are 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 miles respectively for regular servicing and 3000, 6000, 9000 and 12,000 miles for the check-up of advance auto parts. But always keep in mind, though, that you don’t have to rush your car in when it reaches one of those milestones. A well-kept automobile can travel hundreds of miles beyond all those mentioned points of interest.
  • A Car Manual will help: Knowing your car’s service manual is essential to maintaining it in excellent working order. It generally has a schedule predesigned by the manufacturer that tells you when your car needs to be serviced. It lays forth a suggested servicing schedule, which usually includes oil or fuel or filter changing, tuning up, timing belt, engine performance, replacing light bulbs, checking tyres and brakes, inspecting steering and radiator etc.
  • Follow the signs: This is the simplest way to know when to service your car. Most current cars feature a self-diagnostic system that informs you of any concerns that need to be worked upon, thanks to modern technology. Present cars now come with a dashboard messaging system that alerts you to faults that require services, such as engine, oil level, tyre pressure and braking system difficulties. If you see any indication which is marked as ‘urgent’ in your manual, then you must stop your car immediately and call the experts.

Winding up:

Keeping your automobile serviced regularly is a wise strategy to keep it operating smoothly and save money on preservations. A car service will assist you in identifying any issues before they become significant and will ultimately save your repairing cost. The significance and necessity of car servicing are indisputable. Keeping up with your regular maintenance will help you have a well and smoothly functioning car which we all love!

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