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Wheel Alignment: Five Indicators That a Car Owner Must Know

A proper wheel alignment is a crucial component for vehicle and tyre maintenance. The term “wheel alignment” refers to the process of examining and changing the angles of each of the wheels about the car and each other.

Driving over an uneven or potholed road has a high chance to misalign your car wheels. Misaligned car wheels will wear out your tyres at an alarming rate. An improper wheel alignment not only affects the wheels or tyres; but also involves the vehicle suspension system.

Numerous factors including driving in snow, road conditions, excessive brakes, wear and tear of suspension parts, or hitting potholes can cause great damage to the wheel alignment. Aside from its safety hazards, it has a poor impact on your tyre tread and stability, significantly reduces your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, and has a massive effect on your vehicle’s overall performance.

A vehicle that is out of alignment is difficult to drive and even unsafe. But how can one identify if they need to perform tyre alignment or not? Here are a few symptoms that your car needs a wheel alignment.

Signs that Car Requires a Proper Wheel Alignment

  1. 1. The car is pulling in a new direction while driving
  2. Suppose, you are driving the car and it is pulling hard one way or the other, it’s most likely to be caused due to tyre alignment. It could be due to an issue with the camber, caster, or toe of the wheels, or it could be something else entirely.

    You can check the misalignment of wheels by driving your car straight on the road. You should not steer to any side and the vehicle to keep it moving constantly straight. If the car moves to the left or right, the wheels are not aligned.

  3. 2. Car tyres squeak or screech
  4. The tyres are often worn unevenly due to the misalignment, they may start to squeak or squeal while accelerating or making turns. If you hear any of these noises, take your vehicle to a car service facility for a wheel alignment.

  5. 3. Uneven level of Tyre Tread
  6. Uneven tyre treads indicate that tyres are misaligned. This is one of the common symptoms of wheels being misaligned. For example, if the outside edges of your tyres are wearing down faster than the remainder of the tire’s surface, your vehicle may be out of alignment. It could be due to suspension and brake issues, but most likely it would be a wheel alignment problem that you need to rectify.

    Your tyres need to rotate for every 5000 to 6000 miles to avert wheel misalignment, but uneven tread wear is something you will want to fix it.

  7. 4. Vibration and Loose Handling from Steering Wheel
  8. While driving the vehicle, the steering wheel should always remain centered and straight. If the emblem in the middle of your steering wheel is off by a few degrees while you are driving, it could indicate a problem with the alignment.

    Because the wheel is out of alignment, vibration and poor handling can occur. You have constant vibrations or sloppy steering wheel handling of the car. Consult an automotive specialist or car repair shop if you have to struggle with your steering wheel to keep it straight or if you feel any substantial vibrations.

  9. 5. The Steering Wheel does not appear to be Centered
  10. When you turn the steering wheel while driving, it returns to its original position. If your steering wheel does not return to the center, then your car needs to be aligned. Take your car to the nearest car workshop for wheel alignment, otherwise, it will cause excessive damage and fortune.

Significance of Wheel Alignment

The symptoms listed above imply that your vehicle requires a wheel alignment. But why is it so important to perform? Here is a handful of them.

  • Unnecessary wear and tear of Tyre
  • Driving Stability
  • Maximizes Tyre’s life
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Car Handling
  • Movability
  • Few vehicle Repairs

The Takeaway

Wheel misalignment is a simple problem, but ignoring it can result in expensive repairs and excessive tyre wear. When tyre wear is uneven in comparison to one another, it might affect a vehicle’s ability to brake and stop. It is recommended to get wheel alignment for every two to three years or depending upon what kind of environment you are driving in. It is more significant to visit a car repair shop than do it on your own.

If you see any of the following indicators and are concerned about the alignment or safety of your vehicle, then contact Swift Tyre Specialist for the best car servicing in Singapore. Our experts have the knowledge and tools to properly align tyres to the exact specifications of specific car brands and models. We also deliver professional car tyre and battery replacement services. Book your Appointment Today!

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