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When is The Right Time to Get New Tyres for Your Car

Taking good care of a car means an assurance of safety and luxury to owners and their family members. People often ignore tyres while giving car servicing can cause serious damage to the owner’s life and investment. While driving, a car comes into contact with roads that are rough, uneven, potholed and speedy bumps which can cause great damage to the tyres. It worsens the car performance and affects the components of the car.

Car tyres can affect because of climate, improper usage, driving habits etc. Whether you have driven 50,000 or 50 miles, you need to replace them about every five or six years as the rubber in tyres tends to lose its strength and cause wear out. Here are a few points mentioned below about when it is time to get new tyres:-

1. The Regular Period of Tyre

Just like car battery should be replaced after a certain period, same goes with the car tyres as well. The tyres need to be replaced between five to six years, even if no problem is detected but it is better to keep safety in mind. It is essential to inspect tyres at least once per year by an experienced mechanic.

2. Worn-Out Treads

Worn-out treads in tyres can cause harm at a certain level and become unsafe to drive as their effectiveness can cause low friction than the required amount as there is a need for a certain grip on the road and controlling the car during wet conditions can be impossible which can lead to a dangerous accident.

3. Driving Habits

Driving on harsh and uneven roads while speeding or doing a quick start and emergency brakes can cause more damage to the tyres. Weather conditions like snow, wet, hot etc can cause major problems to the car tyres.

4. Cracks on Tyre Sidewalls

The tyres are damaged in the sidewalls, the tyre may look new but the sidewalls are worn down can be quite risky. While speeding your car, there are high chances that your car may burst in the middle of the road. Sidewalls cracks can be easily found by visual inspection.

5. Increase in The Vibration

Rough and poor roads can increase the vibrations in your car. Experiencing too much vibration in the car while driving can be due to bad tyres. The uneven tyre can cause faulty wheel alignment or suspension. Check your tyres for any uneven wear and insides are more worn out than the rest. If the wear is uneven, then it is time to replace the car tyres.

It is difficult to keep the tyres in a good and safe condition for driving as long as possible, here are a few tips about the necessary tyre service:

1. Visual Inspection

The car tyres need to be visually inspected for any sort of cuts or slashes in the rubber, damages on the sidewall, abnormal blisters, uneven tyre wear, flat tyre or punctures. If there are no chances of repairing then the tyre needs replacement.

2. Inflation Pressure

Checking the Correct inflation pressure can be used to ensure that your tyres are connected with your road. A corrected inflated tyre wears evenly across the treads, but an incorrect inflated tyre will wear unevenly. An under-inflated tyre will weigh more on the outside of tyres and an over-inflated tyre will wear on the center of the thread.

3. Wheel Alignment

An adjustment of vehicle’s suspension- the system that connects a vehicle to its wheels. The wheels of the tyre need to be going straight and pointing in the same direction. The wheel alignment is necessary to do uneven tyre tread, the vehicle pulling to left or right when the steering wheel is off centre when driving straight or steering wheel vibration.

4. Tyre Balancing

Tyre balancing is important for cars as the tyres lose their balance over time. As weight distribution in the car tyres is different, road conditions and tread wear can cause an unevenness in the tyres, wheel balancing can conduct that safe and efficient operation as long your tyres are getting the benefit.

5. Rotating The Tyres

Rotating the tyre is the process of changing the position of the tyres by swapping the front and rear car tyres. Changing the tyres frequently helps your tyre wear more evenly and lets you get the most of tread’s life. Car tyres can achieve smooth performance by rotating the car tyre. From 6,000 to 8,000 miles, have the tyres rotated to make sure the tread and rubber wear in an even pattern.

In Conclusion

Keeping your car in good shape can help to lengthen your car tyre’s life and doing a maintenance check can help to save your money. To do a car tyre replacement is unique to every owner as it depends on the climate conditions, driving habits, road conditions and tyre wear. Apart from visual inspection of the tyre, one should pay attention to the feel of your tyre as drive such as vibration, rough ride etc. If problems of the tyre in car arises then it is better to show it to your nearest car repair shop.

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