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24hrs Car Tyre Puncture Repair Shop in Singapore

Obviously, you don’t want to encounter a sudden stop due to tyre puncture when you are out driving on the road. However, a punctured tyre can put a spanner in the works, leaving you stranded on the roadside. Many Singaporean face this common issue which is why Swift Tyre Specialist here to solve onsite car tyre puncture problem throughout Singapore.

Now you don’t have to worry about being helpless on the roadside anymore, because we are here to help you round the clock by providing car tyre puncture repair. All you need to do is call us, and we will come rushing to your side within no time. Our team of professionals uses the latest tools to mend your flat tyre as soon as possible, enabling you to continue on your journey without any further stoppage. Keeping you out of trouble and on the road is our motto, and we wish to keep serving you the same way.

Our Procedure to Diagnose and Perform Car Tyre Repair

Our foremost priority when you bring your car at tyre shop for tyre repair is to diagnose the root cause of the problem. We don’t just jump to a conclusion, asking you to replace the tyres. Instead, we check the air pressure to make sure the tyre is properly inflated. Next, we check the tyre for leakages, identifying the areas where the air is leaving the tube. Once done, we move on to the tyre repair process. We mend the damage, ensuring that you can continue using the tyre for its entire useful life, while also preventing issues in the future.

Below is our standard process for checking and diagnose tyre repair, for more information you can call us anytime:

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    We offer efficient, professional car tyre puncture services. Give us a call to discuss your needs. We can come to your aid if you require.

  • Price Information

    Get in touch to learn about our prices. You can also request a quote.

  • Executing Repair Work

    We complete the car tyre repair in a matter of minutes, so you can get back on the road in no time.

  • Cash, NETS or VISA Payment

    Pay us in cash, NETS or VISA, whichever option suits you the best.

At Swift Tyre Specialists, we emphasize the importance of diagnosing the cause of your tyre issues and repairing it, rather than asking you to buy new tyres to replace the existing ones.

What to do if Car Tyre Punctured?

Tyre repair technology evolved constantly over the past few decades. Car owners in the 50s and 60s contended with tyres that lacked the modern tubing and rudder you may take for granted. However, you can still encounter a tyre puncture at the most inopportune time. And the last thing you don’t want is to have a flat tyre when you are about to drive off.

One thing you should not do in this situation is panic. Instead, get in touch with Swift Tyre Specialists as we provide car tyre puncture repair service. If you are somewhere out on the open road, we will come to you. Conversely, we can even get over to your home and try to solve the problem there and then.

Also, don’t drive when the tyre is punctured, it damage tyre or you might be caught with an accident which might lead to you in serious accident or death condition.


Repair Without
Changing New
Car Tyre

Additional Service for Your Car Tyre

Experiencing a tyre puncture can become quite the headache, especially if you are driving to work or someplace important. The problem can be greater if you do not have a spare, your spare is not in good condition, or if you do not know how to change a tyre. In such a situation, you can count on us to help you out as Swift Tyre Specialist provides the best car tyre puncture repair service in Singapore.

At Swift Tyre Specialist, we do not just ask you to change your tyre at every puncture that you encounter. We are known for our professionalism, and for helping people out by providing car tyre repair solutions at the right time. Apart from replacing a tyre, there are a number of things that we can do for you. If you are stranded on the roadside and you call us, we make sure to reach you in the least time possible.

If your tyre has a small puncture that can be mended on the spot, we do so and get you going towards your destination. However, if the tyre puncture is big, or there are multiple punctures, we can lend you a spare tyre to take the car to the workshop. In case we do not have a tyre of the size, we can have your car towed to the workshop.

If you need to borrow spare tyre from us, you will need to put down a $50 SGD deposit when we lend you a spare tyre. This policy safeguards us against fraud and helps us meet client demands. We will return the deposit once you return the tyre.

Singapore Islandwide Roadside Assistance

No matter where you are in Singapore, you may encounter a flat or punctured tyre at least once in your lifetime. It can be a temporary setback, causing you a waste of time and money. We are always on our toes and prepared to rush to your aid as soon as you call us for car tyre puncture service.

Whenever you are stuck due to a flat tyre or tyre puncture, you can call us. We track your location and within no time, send our team with the necessary equipment to provide car tyre puncture repair in no time. When it comes to onsite tyre repair, there is no better tyre repair company than us, and you can always count on us.



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